20 Best Songs for your Wedding Movie & Trailer! (Plus How To Pick The Right Ones)

Get your playlist ready!

Most bride and grooms have a clear idea of what their wedding album should look like. Unfortunately, the wedding video and highlights (the movie & trailer!) don’t get the same amount of attention and are often left to the cinematographer’s mercy.

Getting the right visuals is the job of the people behind the camera but personalizing the movie story is a responsibility shared by the couple and the professionals they hire.

The easiest way to do that is by picking the right kind of music for your wedding highlight movie and trailer!

So before you get caught up completing the last minute tasks of your wedding to-do list, spend an afternoon remembering all the songs that matter to you as a couple and share them with your videographers. Here are some tips on how to choose songs for your wedding video – the most important movie of your life!

Unplugged covers are your best bets

Finding the right songs for the wedding movie is like finding the right décor inspiration image. Use your Pinterest skills on YouTube to find unplugged covers of your favourite songs, which are perfect to give a raw and candid vibe to your wedding movie. Hindi or English, you’ll find an unplugged cover of all kinds of songs online. These are our favourite unplugged covers:

Can’t help falling in love with you

Just the way you look tonight

Tere Bin Nahi Lagda Dil Mera

London Thumakda

Tu Jo Mila

Go Indie

India has some great indie musicians who’ve created brilliant songs that are perfect for all kinds of moods. From peppy to romantic and even party, you’ll find a song for every mood in the grand indie music universe.

Prateek Kuhad – 100 words

Parekh and Singh – I love You Baby

When Chai Met Toast – Firefly

DJ Ritviz – Hum Toh Udh Gaye

Nucleya – Aaja

Language should never be a constraint

Some of the nicest wedding trailers on the Internet are the ones where the couple value their cultural roots and reflect that in the song choices. Don’t worry about language being a constraint. Instead, opt for songs that matter to your family and will hold meaning in the years to come.


Lathe Di Chaadar

Ullam Paadam – 2 States


Mangalyam Bangalore Days

Instrumental music to support your emotional moments

Over the years, Indian wedding movies have seen many trends come and go. In the current format, most movies come with interviews of the bride and the groom and their first families that are both emotional and entertaining. The interviews help bring a story together and to compliment them, you need the right kind of instrumental music numbers. These are our top favourites in this category:

Piku theme

One Day theme

Ludovico Einaudi

Jai Wolf Indian summer

Latika’s theme Slumdog Millionaire

When it comes to wedding songs, the more personal the song, the better. If your first dance was to a dhinchak dance number, then by all means, add that song to your movie.

Here’s one of our favourite upbeat (NOT Bollywood) songs that will add a touch of quirky fun to your wedding video!

Remember, this wedding movie will someday be seen by your kids and their kids too. Create something that will make you go giddy in the knees, today and in the years to come.


If you have a favourite wedding song, share it with us in the comments section!

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