A Cake For Your Mehendi? YES, this is a thing now!

Last modified on May 2nd, 2018 at 12:08 pm

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A lot of couples are choosing to cut a special, multi-tiered wedding cake these days. It’s definitely a costly item, but of course, it’s because of the massive size, weight and intricate details that has to feed a very large number of wedding guests.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a bomb on your wedding cake, but still want something special and unique that guests get to enjoy – see these Mehendi Cake Designs!

It’s a Mehendi-themed cake design that’s perfect for your Mehendi function. Since it’s a smaller number of guests, you can get away with a smaller size cake. So you get a special, unique cake that’s also within your budget! What’s not to love?

1. Mehendi pattern in bright colours (an obvious design!)

mehendi cake design ideas
Courtesy: Henna Lounge

2. Sari Draped over cake

Mehendi cake design idea
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

3. Pink & Purple Dholak for Bride’s Mehendi <3

Mehendi cake design ideas
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

4. Dholak in more gender- neutral colours for Combined Bride & Groom’s Mehendi

Mehendi Cake design ideas
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

5. Sherwani/Kurta for Groom’s Mehendi!

Mehendi Cake Design Idea
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

6. Mehendi Cone with Bangles as a Mehendi Ki Raat Cake

Henna Cake Idea
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

7. Yup, Mehendi Cupcakes! For those who don’t want a whole cake.

Mehendi Cake Design Ideas
Photo Courtesy: Sugar Dust By Amina

Tell us which Cake Design Idea you liked the most for your Mehendi!


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