Pocket Check: How Much Should You Spend On A Website?

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A Website is open for onlookers 24*7 on all 365 days. It is the constant interface between you and your customer and a significant platform to build impressions in the customer’s memory. Your website will speak about the quality of your work, your effectiveness, and your potential. They also decide whether they should pass on certain opportunities to you depending on the appearance of your website. Thus, it becomes very important to build a website that can easily attract the customers online.

But whenever we think about building a website the first question that comes to our mind is probably how much will it cost to build a website? We have the perfect answer to this question for all those people who are new to the process of developing their own website. Let’s have a look at the most important factors that go into a web and graphic designer hiring.

1. The components and features

Whenever you think about building a website you should always do a mind mapping of what are the features and components that you want your website to highlight. Additional or special features will definitely count for more money and if you want simple features you’ll have to pay the standard amount. However, you can’t decide whether the features that you want will count less or more. Your site may only consist of a single page, yet that doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper than one with 7 or even 50 pages. Your graphic designer hiring process will answer this question, as only a designer can tell what features will cost less and what will cost more. You just need to have a clear idea about the main features mandatory for your website.

2. Graphic designer hiring

Your designer’s or developer’s skill level will further inflate or deflate the price of website designing. You can build a website at low price without hiring a skilled developer but will that be worth? Designers who charge more will provide you with expertise you won’t find at a bargain rate – and in most cases, you will reap amazing benefit from the added costs. If you choose the cheapest option, chances are that your company will have a poorly built website. So, it’s always better to spend a considerable amount on graphic designer hiring so that your company can easily attract the clients.

3. Small websites

A small business website does not usually require more than 10 pages mainly intended to target a small client base. It’s a basic website serving containing information about the company and products, discounts, contact/feedback information etc. These websites basically include business card websites, product websites, portfolio website. Small websites are excellent for individuals such as budding talents, photographers, real estate agents etc. They can easily create their own website as an online business card to inform the clients about their services. Usually a website with less than 20 pages, with a couple of stock photos, and no unique functionality costs $2,000 to $8,000.

4. Medium sized business website

The medium-sized business can have up to 30 pages and it requires a more advanced website setting. The owners of such website will also have to update their website content more often and add new content to their website using a content management system (CMS). Depending on the business nature it could be product feedback, reviews, blogs, listings etc.

A mid-size company will be more concerned with the branding so the custom graphic design should be of high quality intended to create the necessary look and feel. The professional design can only help the medium sized business websites to project a positive image and attract new clients. Mostly for commercial medium sized websites upfront rate is $10,000 to $25,000.

5. Ecommerce business

We all need to bow down to the magnanimity of Ecommerce for all your favorite products are now a click away! These websites require some advanced features regardless of the web store size. Active E commerce websites require integration of a payment gateway, inventory and shipment management, communication with buyers, product description and beta testing. The more products and services the company has, more efforts are needed to upload the content on the website and make sure all necessary databases are correctly set up. Depending on the number of products featured, and their intricacy upfront cost for an E Commerce website is $5,000 to $40,000.
6. Large business website

The larger the business the more it needs to have an exceptional website. It’s the top most priority to create a positive brand image through the website. The awesomeness includes more features and custom graphic design. It might have several hundred pages, expressive imagery, custom design layouts and a content management system with unique functionality. The upfront cost for designing such websites generally costs $25,000 to $40,000. No doubt, for designing such a complex website the graphic designer hiring should be done keeping in mind these are the people who will help you achieve the intended results. Good designers will not only help the business scale up but they will also handle high traffic loads.

7. Purpose of website

This is another important criterion which will help you determine the cost of your website. If you are planning to build a simple informational website, it will require only few pages and basic coding. The developers will not take much time to create these websites. One page of this website can cost you between $300-1000. If you need an online store, the cost for creating such website will obviously requires lots of work and therefore it’s cost will range somewhere between $800 and $25000+ depending on the designer employed and the level of customization needed.

Whether your business is big or small, simple or complex, you’ll need a website. By now you would have got a clear idea of how much you will need to spend on website designing to allow your company to grow and prosper online. If you want to become a force to be reckoned with it’s the perfect time to invest in website design looking at your website needs.

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