We all have that ONE friend…

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Yes, that one friend!

  • The one who can’t complete a sentence without expletives.
  • The one who ruins all the pics by closing her eyes.
  • The one who GETS the joke, only 10 minutes later.

But here’s the thing, we all need that one friend too. Apart from adding the supposed spice in our lives, they also give us great stories to talk about. Here is a tribute to their quirkiness, and ways to thank them, by using UrbanClap.

1. The “2 minutes away” friend 

Get them a makeup artist at home so that the next time they say they are 2 minutes away, they actually are.



2. “I am a vegetarian who eats non-veg gravy” friend

Get a chef on demand for this friend, so they can whip up some sumptuous vegetarian cuisine to rev up your house party!



3. “The tomorrow never dies” friend

Gift them a one-month nutritionist package from UrbanClap. Let them ‘eat-up’ their excuses.



4. “Bhai can do it all” friend

Bhai can drive a car, bike or a plane, no matter how inebriated. Be responsible and be a friend to him, get him a driver on demand from UrbanClap.



5. “I will only play that one song” friend

Because that’s the only song he knows. Gift them the change you want to hear & show them a world beyond the power chords. Book a professional guitar teacher through UrbanClap



6. “I can fix it for sure” friend

Of coursethey can’t! Leave it to the experts. From plumbers and electricians to photographers and beauticians, we have them all. Services = UrbanClap – Try us!




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