10 Heathy Food Habits When Eating Out

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There are is an absolute truth in the statement- mom’s food can’t be substituted. For one it is the inexplicably palatable taste her hands do to any dish. Secondly, stock of nutrition runs high in her home-cooked food. And there is of course, all her love.

But that doesn’t stop us from visiting plush or road side wonders for a change. You must have bumped into that one health junkie whose companionship on a restaurant table is annoyingly dull. Perhaps you have that restaurant glutton as a friend who will always leave you feeling guilty after a hearty dinner. The trick is to not let both extremes affect your resolution to eat healthy. Do not renounce restaurants; rather, learn some drills to practice when eating out.

Here are some pointers that will help!

1.Don’t blindly obey the menu

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There is no hard and fast rule to stick to the dishes enlisted in the menu. Instead, improvise a little. Let us say, while ordering fried dumplings, you specifically request the attendant to make it steamed instead. To demonstrate more, you can, even if it takes out more from your pocket, propound the idea of stuffing your crepe with more of spinach. All in all, you need not change the menu, but get the dishes healthily redone.

2. Pre-Plan your dine out

Most of the times we step out for dining, we’re either accompanied by our family or friends. In other words, it is not a lonely outing, hence, not giving you time enough to sift out the healthiest dish for you. Ordering out of haste, you tend to be closer to taste and not nutrition. Instead, take a glance at the menu before heading towards the restaurant and pre-decide on the dishes. Digitization has brought almost everything under our thumb. Why not reap the benefits out of it?

3. Keep sipping water


Continuous influx of water inside your body makes you feel full earlier and hence your brain signals you to withdraw yourself from eating faster. Isn’t this a fruitful idea for the ones whose food-drive is too high?

4. Read the menu meticulously

Most of us have got a tendency to read the fancy dishes on the menu and avoid the description underneath. It is this ignored description which may take a toll on your health. Fat-friendly words like creamy, sauced and such-likes are all packed here. Therefore, be a patient menu reader.

5. Know what you are ordering

Just because the names of the dishes are flashy, you can’t thoughtlessly order the food. You never know the impressive dish that you’re ordering for, may fail to do you any good. Be wise and learned before ordering. Moreover, Google is always there to fall back upon. Get the details of the food before ordering.

6. Order the salad first


It is a studied fact that that people who eat a generous portion of salad as a starter, consumed less calories then after, compared to non-salad eaters. If a platter full of salad can save you from extra calories, hence flabs, why not follow this habit religiously?

7. Do not hesitate to interrogate the chef

You pay for what you eat and hence, you have got all the liberties to question the ingredients of the dishes. You need not cringe in embarrassment to question the chef. You should know what is going into your system.

8. Double your appetizer glasses

Whatever additional drink (read mock tails) you order, don’t worry about ordering another time. Sooner you feel full, lesser calories passage down through your food pipe.

9. Order consciously

I know it is over-the-top to order too meticulously when eating out. But just steer clear of food that is high on fat content.

10. Don’t be a sweet tooth


How about we break the custom of wrapping up our meals with a dessert! It is not necessary to order dessert every time. Occasionally, it is fine to let go a bit.

Here’s hoping you have a happy and healthy time dining out! For more expert advice on your food habits that are well suited for you, consult a nutritionist from UrbanClap!

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