9 Decorating Tips To Brighten Up Your Furnished Rented House

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Staying in a rented house can be a pain, especially if your landlord has a hundred rules about not drilling a nail in the house. And let’s be honest – the furnished house (while it has it’s own advantages) can look a little dull. But decorating said furnished rented home doesn’t have to be a pain! It is little things like a new light fixture that will make an impact without costing a lot of time or money. The best part? You can keep the security deposit intact with these easy decorating tricks:

#1 Swapping Curtains

Curtains that come along the rented home can be drab and a tad bit boring. But swapping them out for something fun and pretty can totally change the look of your room. While picking out your curtains, make sure they are low on maintenance as you may not want to spend a lot on dry cleaning them each time.

Image courtesy: Urbanclap Professional Design Options

#2 Rearrange Furniture – the EASIEST way!

Just because the landlord has placed the side table next to the bed, doesn’t mean you have to keep it there. You can rearrange the given furniture as per your requirement or even to create more space in the room. For example, take all the extra chairs lying around the house and place them around the dining area – it will give the home a spacious and clutter-free look.

You can even move the dining table next to a storage-cum-seating section like this!

#3 Lining Your Cabinets

Your landlord might have restrictions on you painting the cabinets but that doesn’t mean you can’t line them! Pick a patterned print or a solid bold colour (from places like Amazon). This will not only give your cabinets a clean look but also brighten them up!

Image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

#4 Changing The Lighting

Changing up the lighting of a room can really amp up the space. You can even opt for smart lights (such as Phillips Hue), which have a feature of multiple light colours that can be controlled from your phone. This way you can change it up every week without any hassle.

Image courtesy: Olafs Barons on Behance

#5 Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

You can go crazy with pillows, rugs, throws or even art pieces in your living room. If you have any big art pieces (which a decor trend for 2018), you can place them on shelves or even have them leaning against the wall on the floor. Anything that doesn’t need to go up on a wall. Pick pieces that reflect your personality and style, as these little pieces will make you and your guests feel at home!

You can place the framed artwork on a stool // Image courtesy: Urbanclap Professional Ogling Inches Interior Architects

#6 Play With Plants

If you are not big on accessories, have patterned plants and small saplings in your house.

  • According to Pinterest, patterned plants are a decor trend to try for 2018, so pick plants with patterns on the leaves that make it look different.
  • If you’re looking for a plant with some colour, the Painted Nettle (or coleus plant) is a perfect pick for Indian households.
  • Even cute succulents in teacups or mason jars go a long way in increasing the cute-o-meter of your house.
Image courtesy: Unique Wood & Iron

#7 Add In Fun Utensils

Some rentals have their own sets but you anyways end up buying your own set of pots and pans according to your requirements. Why not pick fun ones? Every piece doesn’t have to be a bright yellow or pink but you can have a few bright salad bowls or maybe even a rose gold tinted cocktail shaker. TheLabelLife has some pretty options you can buy!

Image courtesy: Alia Bhatt’s House on Architectural Digest
Image courtesy: Sainsbury’s

#8 Invest In Pretty Linen

A good set of linen will lift a simple room and add a touch of luxury to everyday surroundings. Pretty, summer colours like lemon yellow or even a classic pink-grey combination won’t date and will add some pizazz all year round.

From Sunita’s Chennai House Tour

#9 Embrace Open Storage

You can have metallic open units where you can stack your everyday pots and pans. If you are keen on having a bar, you can have a bar cart without having to invest a lot. You can incorporate a few decorative touches to keep it fun and simple too!

Image courtesy: Crate & Barrel

How have YOU spruced up your furnished rented house?

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