All You Need To Know About Lorex Camera Systems

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Lorex Camera Systems


Lorex is the industry leader for HD security camera systems providing real time monitoring of your business and home. These professional grade security cameras are easy to install and simple to use. With these high end security cameras you get fully featured, professional-grade security solutions with remote access facility via the Internet, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. There are many home security systems in the market which claim to offer complete solution for your security needs but no camera can offer 16-camera defense that is offered by the Lorex camera system, along with the whole swath of features that we have listed below. Read on to know about the Essential 5 things you need to know about Lorex wireless camera systems for home security.

1. Crystal clear HD security monitoring

Lorex camera system is a home security bonanza that produces stunning high definition security video. It offers a HD picture quality which helps you enjoy a heightened level of clarity and leaves nothing to the imagination. If you want to keep an eye on many things by toggling between different views then these cameras can provide you extremely smooth on-screen movement with 30 frames-per-second (in 720p mode) whatever happens will be crystal clear. An HDMI cable comes along with these cameras and they help you connect your MPX42’s DVR to an HDTV or monitor so that you can easily review your live security feeds. It has a full 2x1080p HD resolution which makes these cameras ideal for your surveillance need.


2. Cameras for all seasons

When it comes to outdoor installation we often think about the viability of the cameras in different seasons. Lorex’s web exclusive cameras prove to be exceptionally strong and flexible and can endure heavy rainfall. These cameras are the new generation cameras that come with shockproof and waterproof technology. It performs it’s best even during extreme temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C). They are extremely lightweight and are made with durable polycarbonate which makes them an ideal choice for protecting what matters most. Even the installation of these cameras is very easy and you won’t take much time to mount them. It can operate even at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal choice for winter season and it’s metal body and shock-absorbing system can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet.

3. Smart Viewing

Another thing to note about the high definition Lorex cameras is that it comes with smart viewing feature so you can use a mobile device or tablet to view everything that’s going on with your various cameras. In addition, it offers many special features such as the motion detection which will then snap a still picture of the event and email it to you. With these cameras you can also share video signals across digital networks and the Internet, allowing access from anywhere in the world. These cameras can easily be used in situations where more complex vision systems are needed. These cameras will not only keep an eye on your home and your business while you are away, but with many of these cameras you can use your smartphone to check in on things, you also get notification when something isn’t quite in place. They are a great place to watch the cats if you are just hopping on the smart home bandwagon.

4. Infrared Night Vision

It’s very important for a camera to offer night vision facility so that you can see things even if it’s pitch black outside. The night vision which these cameras use is infrared night vision where visibility relies on infrared light. If you will look at the front of these security cameras, you’ve probably notice that it has a handful of small LED bulbs. This is the IR light, and when it gets dark, these lights turn on and give the impression of flood light of sorts, increasing the camera’s field of view with infrared light. This night vision capability of this camera helps it easily capture videos up to 65 feet and is a host of other great features. The secure video signal extends up to 150 feet indoors and 450 feet outdoors. You can easily store your video footage on a hard drive or using the Foscam Cloud service for remote storage.

5. 3D digital noise reduction

Security cameras with noise reduction facility not only improve the image quality but also filter out noise for a better image when security cameras work in low light condition. The DNR technology also reduces the file sizes of captured video which decreases storage needs. The Lorex surveillance cameras offer this facility which improves image quality for better object identification and you have to deal with fewer false alarms for video motion detection.

Manufacturers have flooded the market with all kinds of security cameras which has made it a herculean task to find a reliable security camera. Truly, speaking the Lorex surveillance cameras have revolutionized the security and surveillance needs. These are all-in-one security camera system, with everything you need to get started. It provides you the best picture quality which no other camera can ever match to. Browse the different security camera systems that Lorex offers such as analog, digital IP, or wireless and take your home and business security to a new level.

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