3 Reasons Why Your AC Is Stinking (And What To Do)

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Air conditioners are a boon for residents of tropical countries such as India. However, an AC can only work optimally and be fully functional if you take proper care of it. At times, when the AC is dirty, it can be dangerous, whether it’s working or not. Which is why, it is said to get your AC serviced before the summer season, during the summer season and after the season is over. But what happens if we don’t get it serviced regularly? One of the most common problems people face is that their AC starts to smell bad or emitting foul smell. If your AC is also doing this, then you need to get it checked immediately. But what causes this foul smell? Let’s find out.

  1. Reason why your AC is smelling of DIRTY SOCKS
    The first reason for an AC air to stink is build-up of mould and bacteria. The air conditioner works by converting hot air into cool. However, this process brings about condensation and little droplets of water form inside the machine. This water is supposed to drain out, but at times the moisture and leftover water cause fungus and bacteria to grow inside the AC ducts. This causes a foul stink, something which is similar to the smell of dirty, old socks. So, if you notice such a bad smell coming from your AC, call an air conditioner maintenance person quickly. You can also physically remove the cover of the AC from time to time and check for the mould build-up. If it is present, you will notice some greenish-black accumulation on the pipes and the ducts. It is important to clean the mould as not only does it smell bad, it also passes harmful germs through the air of the air conditioner.
  2. Reason why your AC is smelling of ROTTEN EGGS
    If your room starts to smell of rotten eggs the moment you turn on the AC, then in all probability, you have a dead insect or animal stuck somewhere inside the machine. Insects, rats, and even birds often get inside the dark chambers of air conditioners. If they can’t get out successfully, they die and begin to decompose inside. This causes a terribly foul smell, which makes it difficult to stay in the room. If you notice this smell, do not waste time and book an AC repair service from UrbanClap. A dead animal inside the AC can be extremely dangerous and spread numerous illnesses. Get the animal removed and the machine cleaned at the earliest. Have it thoroughly sterilised after that to prevent any germ build up.
  3. Reason why your AC is smelling MOULDY
    If you notice a foul, lingering and spongy smell every time you switch on your AC, there may be a problem with the drain pipe. Like mentioned above, there is a drainage system in every air conditioner that collects the condensed water droplets and filters them out of the machine. However, if the drain is clogged or the system malfunctions due to some reason, the water will not be drained out. It will accumulate in the drain pipe and become a breeding ground for all kinds of fungi, bacteria, mould and other germs. This will make it stink terribly too. So, get the drain pipe cleaned from time to time and check whether it is functioning properly to avoid this foul stink coming from the AC air.


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How To Deal With A Stinking AC

You cannot simply stop at buying an AC. You need to take care of the appliance. The air conditioning system requires proper and regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance. It is a good idea to get your AC serviced regularly from UrbanClap. Even if there is no visible problem, regular cleanings and check-ups help one in avoiding big-ticket and sudden maintenance costs. So, don’t wait and book your AC repair service today!


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