How to Create A Fabulous Environmental Graphic Design?

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With their creative prowess, designers over the time have changed the visage of the world. work spaces are no more tables and chairs but an incorporation of interactive designs to make the walls do the talking. Thus, for all the environmental graphic designers, we have created a dedicated guide to bring the zing back into your designs.

How about some sources of inspiration?

You do not need a specific place to find your design inspiration. The building, offices, and shopping malls around you often sport best designs which do stay in your mind long after. Finding the right information in the sea of web contents while finding best environment designers is a challenge. Thus, for your help we have gathered some inspirational sources. Checkout the sites.

1. Cruxcreative

This site itself is a beautiful place to visit, although the site mainly provides service in designing but the- “our work section”, will show you how beautifully environmental graphic design can be executed in places like, museums, offices, hospitals. Wayfinding is one of the core areas of Environmental Graphic design has been explored well by this site. Check out design samples and become awestruck.

2. Environment

The name Environment itself suggests the site is meant for the all the environmental graphic designers- A-Z of environmental graphic design is here! Environment mainly showcases all interesting projects in this arena of designing from worldwide. Here is what will grab your attention- the site also provides graphic designers a platform to submit their works and showcase it to the world. For further information on this, immediately visit Environment and click the – About section.


Communities are the best place to share and exchange ideas for creative people. You must visit this site and join the bunch of environmental graphic designers from all over the world. Multiply your ideas of designing in a fun way over here for there is nothing more interesting than engaging in a conversation with people who belong to your field. Other than this facility, there are many design samples in this site open to public view. Your career is going to swing back if not rock after you visit this site!

4. Inkbot Design

Inkbot design site is a blessing for the designers because this creative team’s site has blog covering all arenas of designing. Different relevant topics and out of the box ideas on designing are discussed through the articles and blogs to help you designers progress in your designing career. Looking out for inspiration? This site has a complete blog named- Design Inspiration! You can unlock similar informative blogs like- recommended Design Books, Design tools and many more.

Communicate with the place you are designing!

You design a space to transform it, and nothing can fuel inspirations better than you are visiting the place. Logo designers or environmental graphic designers, all interact with the place, communicate with it, absorb the surrounding, imagine what design can suit the place, the requirements to make the place communicable for the users, point out places which require wayfinding and signage, the places which require information designs and where architectural designs can be implemented. All these are very important parts of environmental graphic design, because until and unless we engage in a relationship with our workspace the best outcome cannot be achieved! So, designers before you start your designing plan, consider interacting with the workplace first and next put your best effort. Probably this is best stated in an anonymous quote- “The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

Connect with your clients

Designers are also businessmen, so they need to be a communicator as well. Interact with your clients and talk to them to understand their requirements and needs. Unless, the communication is well established, you cannot achieve clarity in your work. Michael Beirut, a renowned designer says If you do good work for good clients, it will lead to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad clients, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients.” Understanding your clients is imperative because the work place should be an expression of the client herself. The client should feel comfortable while working in the place that you have designed.

The factors which matter!

While designing, it is important for you to remember these informative bites:

Understand your location

For environmental graphic designers, the first point is to make sure you understand the space you are designing. You are set to change the look of the space and for that you need to know each corner of that place by the back of your hand. It will be more helpful if you plan the whole designing process in the place itself if possible. Know the place and then work!

Choose your colors

Regardless of any arenas under designing, color plays an important role. Make sure you choose the best color for your work. For environmental graphic design, the designers require working in architectural designs, retail designs, signage and wayfinding. Each of the design has its own relevance; wayfinding designs needs to be noticed by the visitors right when they enter the place for it assists them to locate a location in the entire office. Thus, these designs must have bright color which can be spotted easily and must be in the relevant place.

Designs must be relevant

The design loses all existential meaning if it does not stay true to its relevance. Environmental graphic designing is all about adding relevance to place so that it can transform from being just an office place to bearing a significance to your corporate culture. For instance, whenever you are designing a place where information is required then information designing is the key. Likewise, architectural and retail design also has their own importance in their respective places.

Simple design is the best design

Designs are not supposed to complicate an element, they rather work in advantage to simplify a place and add beauty to it. All designers who work to increase the brand value of business like logo designer or environmental graphic designer are expected to inculcate the attribute of simplicity in the designs. Thus, remember to keep your design simple and help the visitors of your designed place to find their way, eventually you may also find your way!

Keep in mind to be in tune with your client to give them the work space that they have always dreamed of. After all, it is their satisfaction with your environment design that matters more than the greens that they pay you!

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