How to Ensure Safety During AC Repairs

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are high that you placed an AC service & repair service on UrbanClap. Here’s what you should know (and do) when our technician arrives at your doorstep.

  • Your safety is paramount so we recommend you check the photo of the technician on the UrbanClap app before letting them into your house.
  • Also, inform the technician if any AC repair work has happened in the last few days to ensure continuity of work.

During the service or repair of your AC, the technician may recommend a gas refill for your AC. Now, here’s what you should know before getting the gas recharge done.

But before we walk you through what happens next, here’s a piece of important information that everyone with an AC should know.


What Many Customers Don’t Know About Gas ‘Top-Ups’

Most customers aren’t aware of the fact that the gas in your AC is supposed to last its entire lifetime. Conversely, you don’t have to get a gas top-up periodically.  Low levels of gas are due to leaks in the AC; leaks that need to be repaired before refilling.

In case our technician detects a leakage in your AC, here’s what happens next.

What Happens When Your AC Needs a Gas Recharge

Step #1. Your AC Technician Will Inform You About the Gas Recharge

In case your AC technician detects low gas levels and a leak, he will notify you about it. He will also notify the UrbanClap team through the app, that your AC needs a gas refill.

Step #2. Check If The Technician Is Authorised By UrbanClap To Do Gas Charging

While all of our AC technicians are excellent repair professionals, gas charging is a highly skilled job which requires special training & safety protocol to be followed. We have a fleet of experts who have been specially trained to handle gas refills.

Check with the technician if he is authorised by UrbanClap to do gas charging. If not then we will assign a gas refill specialist to visit your house at the earliest available slot to complete the gas charging safely.

Step #3. Your Current AC Technician Can Either Leave or Work on Another AC

You can either send back the AC technician at your house. There is no need to pay him. Or, You can also ask him to take a look at any other AC that needs repairing (non-gas). A separate invoice will be sent to you for the second AC.

In case, your current technician is a gas refill specialist, he will refill the gas himself. No other specialist will be reassigned to you.

Step #4. Keep Yourself Safe During the Gas Recharge

While the gas refill specialist will finish the repairs on the AC that needs refill, here’s what should you do to stay safe:

  • Make sure that neither you nor any other family member is near the AC when gas charging is being done
  • Make sure that gas charging is done outdoors and not indoors


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In case you have any doubts, feel free to reach us here.


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