Four Spy Cameras You Cannot Afford to Give a Miss

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Security is now at the top of checklist, be it home, hotels, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, literally everywhere. The statistical reports of crime suffice to wake up the ones still not aware of security concerns.

A report published by the National Crime Records Bureau, compared the crime rates of 1953 and 2006. The report noted that even though burglary declined over a period of 53 years by 79.84%, murder has seen a flight as it increased by 7.39% and  Kidnapping has sky rocketed and is  increased by 47.80%. Such facts and figures have caught concerned public off-guard with no resort to turn to.

The criminals are also aware of situations and they very much first investigate about the places where the camera are installed and have a sitemap to decide how to do their work without getting caught in camera. Every day, new methods are being developed by miscreants to hack into CCTVs and destroy footage.

So, now what to do? Don’t worry spy cameras are at the rescue.

Wikipedia explains spy camera as: A hidden camera or  or security camera  a still or video camera used to record people without their knowledge. The camera is “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.

Secret spy cameras are the best as they can be  hidden in different objects like pen,shoes,curtain holder,phones etc. and are very useful to keep an eye from one doing any unholy activity, or on a child all alone at home for their safety. With no knowledge of the criminal, the crime will be recorded and evidence is made available for court proceedings.

Here are the top 4 spy camera brands to help you analyze which one is the best for you and fits your requirements-

1) M MHB Spy Leather Wrist Watch Camera with Inbuilt 4GB Memory

Use it in  the following manner:

1. Wear watch in correct time direction.

2. To switch on Machine  long press the left hand side down button for 3 seconds and then leave (light mode : Red & blue light Flashes when machine is on, after that blue light will be continuously on which means standby mode).

3. To start  video & audio recording press once left hand side down button and then leave (light mode : blue light Flashes 3 times which means recording has started)

4. To power off : long press left hand side down button for 3 sec and then leave (light mode: Only Red light Flashes 3 times and it get switch off).

For  Data Transfer- Kindly switch off the wrist watch & than attach to the computer.

2) D3D Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360°

D3D Smart LED Bulb is united with hidden 360 panoramic camera, for  360 degree wide view angle with no blind spot for live monitoring. Equipped with motion detection alarm and IR night vision, camera is widely used at home, market, factory and other places. Best Spy camera for security & surveillance.

* LED bulb with hidden camera. The  camera & LED light are controlled by mobile application
*Wide 360 vision: 3D vision with 360 panoramic lens
*Multiple views: 5 different type of views on mobile phone, you can keep eye on every nook and cranny of your home/business
*Motion Detection: Whenever any motion is detected, alert message is given  on user’s mobile phone.
*Wireless Technology: Complete wireless functioning. Wireless connection with Wi-Fi router
*Easy setup: Step by step installation videos for easy setup in
*HD Display: Full HD view with 960P resolution with night vision.s

3) ProElite WL01 Pro Clock Hidden Spy

  • Camera works only with wifi dongle or wifi router. Once camera is connected to Wifi router then live streaming can be viewed from anywhere in world in your mobile phone.
  • Stunning HD Video Quality: 1280 x 720P high definition video allows you to see exactly what is happening when not in your home, office, business premises. No light will flash when camera is in use or not,so nobody can have any idea of the spy camera.
  • Intensified  Night Vision: This Hidden camera with two IR led inside with invisible infrared light that the Night vision distance up to 8 meters.It also support 10 meters listening. Everything can be seen and heard on mobile phone or ipad.
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery: rechargeable battery is provided which can be charged even when camera is in use.

4) M MHB Audio /video Recording Spy Camera

Just with an hour’s charge, this camera is bound to give you exceptional results. The HD quality video and considerably good enough audio will together give you crystal clear visuals. the internal memory is of 4GB which can be extended up to 128GB. The camera cam be charged with laptop or direct electricity.

Hope your surfing and browsing activity for spy camera will take less time now because you have the complete ideal list of them. And be tension and anxieties free because you are very much assured about security, even without anyone knowledge about how they are being spied.

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