5 Soaring Reasons To Set Up CCTV Surveillance System In Your Hotel

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cctv in hotel


Hotels face large number of security challenges each day: multiple entrances and exits, constantly changing customer base, underground entries, spacious and busy lobbies and high employee turnover leaves hotels at particular risk of theft and other security constraints. By installing a hotel surveillance system, you can keep your employees and customers safe, catch thieves, and possibly deter crime. You can also prevent criminal activity before it takes place by simply having cameras visible near the bellman station, front desk or hotel store. But, most importantly, you gain the trust of your employees’ and customers for you are providing them with a safe work/stay environment, and ensure your hotel’s reputation by keeping an eye on what the mice are doing while the cat’s away. Today we are going to list 5 soaring needs for surveillance system in your hotel.

1. Prevents Hotel Theft

Hotels can literally be a “hot spot” for theft and crime. Thieves can rob your hotel especially late at night when you have minimal staff on hand. Customers can walk out the door of your hotel rooms without paying the bill, or stealing the costly items. Sometimes even customers storing valuables like passports in the front-desk safe remain startled not being able to find it once they come back to your hotel after a stumptuous meal or an amazing city ride. They won’t like to visit your hotel again if their valuable items are not in place. This can all be stopped if the hotel management team could see the value of a discreet surveillance camera system in their hotel. Recorded video footage can further be used by the management to verify conflicting reports around thefts and other crimes and help hotels avoid frivolous lawsuits.

2. Hotel Security

Hotel guests want to feel safe while their stay in their temporary rooms. Security shouldn’t be a concern for them during, or after, their visit. Hotel surveillance cameras can easily track who goes in and out of rooms and can serve as a deterrent to theft. These cameras can recognize activity in an area of the hotel and provide an alert. These cameras not only provide a level of general surveillance, but can also now detect items such as bags abandoned in any corner of the hotel, provide automatic number plate recognition for pre-registered guests and employee vehicles, and detect who entered your hotel and keep an eye on unknown guests. The presence of surveillance cameras in public areas of your hotel such as lobbies or corridors can often make people feel more secure. However, visiting a hotel should be a memorable and safe experience, where guests can slow down and relax.

3. Helps Identify Vulnerabilities

Hotel surveillance cameras can help in keeping your hotel property safe and detects any vulnerable activity that can take place in your hotel. This identifies suspicious people entering your hotel, a check on their activity, an eye on their conversation which further reduces the criminal activities. A hotel is a place where different kinds of people come, stay and go. We are right out of  a ten times oblivious of the kind of visitor and what runs on their mind. But by installing these hotel surveillance cameras you can easily track each and every activity of your visitor and prevent break-ins. It also helps to restrict possible intruders from entering your property and helps to keep trespassers out of the hotel area providing your guests a safe and secure stay.

4. Offers Visitors A Peace Of Mind

All guests want to feel safe while staying at the hotel. This helps to increase repeat business and maintain a competitive edge within the hotel market. You can easily install a surveillance camera without DVR for live viewing, which will further strengthen your visitor’s trust in your hotel and they will visit your hotel again and again. Your guests will have utter peace of mind when they know that there is an eye around the hotel rooms keeping them safe from thefts, incidents and crimes. Once your guests have been robbed or cheated, you’ll lose them forever – even worse, your establishment’s reputation is tarnished and you’ll lag behind in the competition.

5. Increases Your Hotel’s Reputation

Customer service is the top priority for any Hotel and your guest’s level of appreciation and satisfaction depends upon a great many things, but security is one of those aspects of customer service that often ensures that your guests have the best stay. Since there are no second chances that your guests will give to you if they get robbed or lose their valuable item , it’s very important to have an up to date surveillance system installed in your hotel. When your visitors feel secure and confidant of their safety, it adds value to your hotel and instills your name in the heart of the visitors. Whenever they visit the same city they stay at your hotel increasing your customer loyalty base and your hotel’s overall reputation.

Between guests, hotel staff, visitors, and contractors, there are many people that pass through your hotel on a daily basis. With the emerging threats to hotel safety, keeping an eye on who is where and when is the most important concern so that your guests can have peace of mind and feel absolutely safe for the duration of their stay. Visitors are much more concerned about their safety in today’s era than ever before and when your hotel has a surveillance system as one of the many amenities your hotel offers its guests will make yours the destination of choice. It will also give you an insight about the efficiency of your employees and your hotel’s daily operation which can be used to upgrade the hotel policies and procedures to better serve your guests during their stay.

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