Top 7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

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You may have thought several times about creating a website for your business but perhaps failed to act on it. It could be that you were too busy in setting up operations that website designing took a backseat or maybe you felt a website wasn’t important enough. In either case, the delay cost you customers, which, in turn, means lower business income! Think of yourself as a customer – whenever you need a service or plan to buy a new product, you invariably search online (on a phone or computer) for businesses that can provide what you need within your budget. Still feel you can get by without a getting a website designed for your business?


What is preventing you from getting a website for your business? Most small business owners usually have two primary reasons:


  1. Website is not important – If you are wondering “what can a website do for my business?”, then it’s safe to say you are underestimating the power of internet. Honestly, there is literally no type of business that won’t benefit from web presence. From shoes and gadgets to pure mountain air (yes, that too available on internet), every product is bought and sold online.


  1. I do not have the budget – Financial constraints don’t need to turn into roadblocks. While you may not want a web designer on your rolls, you can always hire a freelance graphic designer. Over a period of time, a website can actually prove to be more economical than relying on traditional marketing (more on this later).

Advantages of website for business

If any of the above-mentioned reasons is preventing you from carving your digital presence, then let’s list down the benefits of having a website for business. Take a look at the top 7 reasons why your business needs a website:


  1. Credibility and Business Value: Every major corporate and important brand has a website. Why shouldn’t it be the same for small businesses? A website adds credibility to your enterprise. The perception of how customers feel about you is heavily influenced by a professional website. This can have a major impact on how successful your business is. You could add customer or client testimonials to further boost this credibility. A stellar image will make a lot of things easier for you.


  1. Accessibility: A website does not have working hours. It is always online. Customers can use the information on your website to plan their purchases regardless of the time or day. Depending on the nature of your products or services, you can also provide the option for online purchases with an e-commerce site. At the very least, you should have details about the services and products that you provide and sell. Which takes us to the next point.


  1. Product Showcase: Even if you do not intend to sell your products online, a website is a fantastic platform to showcase your products. You can and should maintain an updated image gallery, product inventory, or list of services that your customers can browse at their leisure. You can also maintain a blog to showcase your best work. Depending on your business, this can take various forms. A photographer or wedding planner can obviously create a gallery or a portfolio to showcase their best work. But you can do better. A blog on your website can also be a guide to help amateur photographers or explain how you came up with that wonderful photo. Event managers can talk about how to prepare and coordinate large parties. And just like the examples here, a little thought can help you come up with great ideas to add real and meaningful value to what your customers may be seeking. You will also attract a lot of visitors who are not yet your customers, but could be converted if they see the value.


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  1. Marketability: The outreach possible from a website is not available with other forms of traditional marketing platforms. A newspaper classified will only be read by a handful of people. With a website, you can present your products in the best way possible. You can get your message and intent across to potential customers without the need to depend on word of mouth or external reviews. Further, when you combine your website with the power of social media, you can literally reach out to thousands of people.


  1. Economical, Effective, Influential: Forget television or radio, a website is much more cost-effective than even a newspaper or magazine ad. You are also not restricted by word limits or inability to use pictures. A website can be your best advertisement platform. Even when you factor in the cost of SEO, maintenance and hosting, you will quickly find that a website is cheaper than advertising in any form of traditional media. Moreover, you can potentially reach a far wider audience.


  1. Ideas and Announcements: A small business website is your platform to get your message to potential and existing customers. You can talk about future plans, product launches, updates and upgrades, etc. A website is the best way to make announcements about your business and ensure that your customers are aware of the options available to them.


  1. Superior Customer Service: A small business must pay attention to customer expectations. A detailed product portfolio will ensure your customers know what kind of service you provide. Further, no business can afford to ignore after-sales service. Whether you build car parts or do floral arrangements for events, a well-designed website provides your customers with a way to contact you at any time. You will not have to worry about taking every call and keeping track of multiple orders. The website can have a contact or feedback form and enable you to organise it all easily. Thus, you will be able to excel at the most important aspect of every business – ensuring your customers are satisfied and happy.


Now that you know the benefits of having a digital presence for your business, it’s time to get started.



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