From Newspaper to Brochures: Graphic Designing And Print Media Go Hand in Hand

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Ever thought of switching careers more than once because you felt you weren’t trained enough for the job assigned to you. Well, that might be because your basic foundation isn’t strong enough. In every career path that you pursue, you need to be assured that your basic training is good enough for you to survive in your industry. This is exactly what graphic designing does for you. If you are a trained graphic designer, then you are actually trained enough to survive the whole field of multimedia itself.

Every sub-field of the multimedia industry calls for a person’s knowledge in multimedia. Hence, if you have accumulated knowledge of graphic designing along with the work that you are normally assigned, then you are sure to survive a few more years in the industry.

Talking about a narrowed down section of the multimedia industry- the print media, you might think that there is a very least requirement of graphic designing in it. Because everyone’s thoughts when you first mention graphic designing is- web designing. However, there is a lot of scope for graphic designing in print media- in areas that you see every day, but seldom seem to notice.

Here are 7 ways graphic designing plays a pivotal role in print media.

1. Newspaper designing

When we mention “print media”, the first word that could have possibly popped up in your head is “newspaper” and that is exactly where graphic designing comes in most handy. Ever looked at a newspaper and wondered how neatly everything was placed? Or been through the change of an era when a newspaper revamped itself with a new design look? Well, all this requires graphic designing. The design and look of a newspaper acts as one of the major factors in determining the circulation, each day. If the placement of news on a paper looks desperately put together, then you wouldn’t even care to have a second look at it, least alone buy it. Given all these factors, news paper designing is one of the places where you can find the presence of graphic designing.

2. Advertisement boards

Ever stood mesmerized by the clean and neat print on a advertisement on the sidewalk or has one particular advertisement caught you eye when you whisked past the traffic on the highway? Well, one of the factors that it might’ve caught you attention is the strategically placed ads and their marketing style. However, the major factor should be the designing method and style and color selection, all of which left traces of its presence, in your head. This falls under graphic designing and a well trained graphic designer can possibly make a hundred heads turn, with his designing style.

3. Magazine printing

The alluring and glossy thick pages of a magazine are one of the major factors which lead to the increased number of sales in the magazine arena. One mistake and everything goes down. The color selection, the gloss, choice of picture, the placement of the content should all be planned and placed in such a way as to please the reader, with every turn of a page. Here is where graphic designers take care of everything. Except for the content provided by the reporters, the graphic designers put together every single page of a magazine, from scratch, which sells itself later.

4. Logo creation

It might be a basic symbol. But, it holds within itself, everything that the company is. A logo can, in many ways, decide a company’s future-to destroy or to build it. The symbol, created with utmost intricacy, should have a lot of detailing and should be created with precision and designed in such a way as to make it stay in the people’s mind as long as possible. The longer it stays, the better they remember the company and hence, the more it grows. Thus, logo creation is one of the most complicated and important task for a graphic designer and this logo goes to all places- right from the company signage to the visiting cards to even the tissue papers, if any. Hence, here too the job of a graphic designer is prevalent in print sector.

5. Product cover

All of us must’ve had that moment of dilemma where we stand in a shopping alley, wondering whether choose the product on your left or right hand and end up choosing the one that looks most pleasing to your eyes. This is, once again, the play of designing. If the graphic designer is good enough, he will make sure that the product cover that is printed and pasted on all pieces of a particular product is made in a customer pleasing way and does not appear too tacky. This is exactly the reason why we all chose the product on the other hand that looked better. Hence, the future of a product itself can be determined by a graphic designer.

6. Book cover

One might not always have the time to sit and read the prologue or the summary of a book that you see in a bookstore aisle. You just tend to look at the intriguing cover and take it straight to the billing section. Not so unlike a magazine or a newspaper design, a book’s fate- whether to sell or not to- can also be decided by the designing, which is most obviously, carried out by a graphic designer.

7. Brochures, pamphlets, catalog

Every business house, most likely an educational institution must find a way to put together the most required information through any means to anyone who seeks it. This is where we use brochures, pamphlets and catalogs- the most informative piece of papers in a business house. It’s not enough to make it informative, it should also look appealing and stylish in way that it reflects the quality of the organisation. Graphic designing, again comes to the rescue of print media here.

For all the backlash print media is receiving for becoming obsolete by the day, graphic design has got its back. With its technology revolutionizing by the day, graphic designing breaths a spell of fresh air into the dying print industry.

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