How To Avoid Dry Skin: Follow These 7 Simple Steps

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We have always been told about the significance of moisturizing the skin to maintain a healthy and glowing look. Using the right kinds of lotions and creams can be effective. But not many people know that taking care of skin also includes choosing the correct cleaning products and keeping the atmosphere around hygienic and suitable too. To help you combat dry skin problems, we have listed the most effective measure for all skin types.

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Tips on how to prevent dry skin

1. Have Short, warm bath

A long, steaming shower feels really good, but it harms your skin immensely. Exposure to a lot of heat can rob your skin of the natural moisturizers. When you take a long bath with water that is too hot, the natural oil cover from your skin is washed off. This natural oil cover is important as it helps to lock in the moisture inside the skin. Be a little cautious and take a shorter bath in lukewarm water. The same applies to a face wash too. Avoid using very hot water on your face. Your facial skin is even more delicate than the skin on your body. Wash your face carefully and keep the natural oils of the skin intact.

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2. Use perfume-free cleansers

Soaps that smell extremely nice are often pretty bad for your skin. The fragrance in the cleansing products often comes from the addition of some harmful chemicals. These chemicals are highly toxic and rob the moisture off your skin. They also cause additional health issues. It is, therefore, best to avoid scented soaps and other facial and body cleansers when you start a dry skin treatment.

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3. Always pat dry, never rub

Never make the mistake of rubbing your body or face dry with a towel. Always pat dry. Rubbing the skin will remove all the moisture from it and leave it flaky and itchy. Also, use a soft, cotton towel or washcloth to dry yourself. Skin care for dry skin involves being gentle and a towel, that too of harsh material, can damage the skin even further. So get a soft towel and be gentle to your skin.

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4. Apply moisturizer right after a bath

Your skin loses a lot of moisture when you wash it. To replenish the skin of the lost moisture and to make it soft and supple, apply a good moisturizer immediately after you take a bath. This is one of the best dry skin remedies. Find the best lotion for dry skin and apply it generously on your body. Get a separate lotion or cream for your face as the face is softer and needs a gentler moisturizer.

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5. Avoid direct exposure to the sun

A very effective and relatively simple dry skin treatment is covering up. The rays of the sun are pretty harsh and can cause your skin to dry up and even cause rashes on your skin. It is important to cover your skin from these harmful rays. Carry an umbrella or a scarf when you go out during the daytime to avoid getting directly exposed to the sunlight. Also, applying a sunscreen lotion can be very useful in such cases as it will not only protect you from harsh rays but also moisturize your skin.

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6. Be cautious about hair removal

Hair removal is a necessity. However, you must be very careful about it and exercise a lot of caution when removing hair. If you like using a hair removal cream, opt for one that combines oils and moisturisers in it. If you prefer shaving, always use some lather before you use the razor. Shaving the skin directly can make it very dry and you may even notice a skin rash or two. Be gentle and use a good razor. If you like waxing, then ensure your skin is moisturised immediately after it is waxed. Hot wax, quite understandably, is not the best lotion for dry skin! Apply a good moisturiser after removing hair to keep your skin healthy and supple.

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  1. Choose your detergent wisely

Not many people would associate a laundry detergent with dry skin remedies, but actually, there is a very deep connection between the two. Use mild detergents that do not contain too many harsh chemicals. These chemicals can leave your skin dry and itchy. If you can’t avoid such detergents, try wearing a soft undergarment to prevent the material of your dress from touching your skin directly. This will not only make you comfortable but will also help you with other dry skin treatments that you may be following.

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The bottom line

There is indeed a lot that you can do to prevent dry skin. Try to keep the natural moisture of your skin intact. If that is not sufficient, look for some good skin nourishing products to help you along the way. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and you will be able to get a beautifully soft and glowing skin in no time.

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