Face Bleach: The ONLY Solution for Black Heads, Tan and Facial Hair

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Dust, pollution and extreme exposure to sunlight leaving your skin pale, dull and dry? Have blackheads, tan and pigmentation become a constant feature of your face? It’s time to change that. Try out face bleach if you are looking for one solution to all these problems.

In this post, we will cover:
1. How does face bleach work?
2. Benefits of face bleach
3. How to do face bleach at home
4. Top 7 face bleaching creams in India (with price chart!)
5. Frequently asked questions about face bleach

How Does Face Bleach Work?

Bleaching has been here for ages, especially for lightening the skin tone. There are many myths about the effects and benefits of bleach. But, to be clear, the primary face bleach benefits are that it rejuvenates your skin by removing dead cells and tan of the uppermost layer of the skin. It also cleans pores, taking out stubborn black and whiteheads which makes your skin and face appear to be cleaner and brighter.

Face Bleach Benefits

Face bleaching has a lot of benefits, when used in moderation. The following are some of the examples of how bleach can bring an instant glow to your face.

    1. Removes Tan:
    As earlier mentioned face bleaching helps you get rid of the dirt and tan of the uppermost layer of skin. Hence, it cleans your skin while making you look brighter.

2. Lightens the color of facial hair: Face bleach is a great way for your unwanted facial hair to be appeared less visible without threading or shaving, amazing isn’t it? After applying the bleaching cream, the chemicals within it react with facial hair and make them lighter in appearance. As a result, some people also consider face bleaching a skin whitening treatment, which it isn’t. It simply makes your dark facial hair appear lighter. Face bleach is helpful to those who don’t want to go through the pain of threading but at the same time dreams for a radiant face.

3. Removes Blackheads and Blemishes: Another face bleach benefit is that it helps remove blackheads and whiteheads while cleaning pores. It makes your face blemish free.

4. Controls Facial Oil Balance: Pimples or acne are common problems of oily skin. Face bleach helps in balancing oil secreted by the skin, keeping pigmentation and pimple away.

Face Bleaching Before and After

face bleaching before and after

How To Do Face Bleach At Home

You can do face bleach at home in two ways by using:

1. Natural bleach for face: This is a rather slow process. The effect of bleaching creams made by natural ingredients takes a long time to show. The plus side is that because it’s purely organic, your skin will not have any chemical-induced allergic reaction. For making face bleach at home, you can lemon, flour, orange, potato, honey and curd as they have bleaching components. You can also mix them with a suitable face pack for your skin type to benefit from the goodness of bleaching and face masks.

If you want instant results, face bleaching cream sold over the counter is all you need.

2. Chemical-based bleaching creams: If you want instant results, face bleaching cream sold over the counter is all you need. Usually, it comes in a box consisting of two items – bleaching cream and activated powder which needs to be mixed before applying on the face. The pros of this type are that you can bleach your face at home and on your own. But if get the ratio of the cream and activator to be mixed wrong, you can severely impact the result. Applying the mix for a longer time or mixing the applicator more than prescribed can leave you with red and patchy skin or blonde facial hair which do not suit the Indian skin tone. But if you know what to do, then you are in safe hands. For others, there is the third option.

3. The third option: Book UrbanClap and get face bleach done at home by experts. We bring to you the best of both worlds – comfort of your home and expertise of top-rated beauticians. Go to our app or website and book ‘BLEACH’ services

Table: Cost of Bleaching Face and Body at UrbanClap

Area Cost Duration
Face & Neck Rs 500 20 mins
Full arms Rs 385 30 mins
Half legs Rs 350 30 mins
Full legs Rs 563 40 mins
Full back Rs 436 30 mins
Full front Rs 509 30 mins
Full body Rs 1,950 30 mins

Make sure you try a face bleaching cream on your arm first before applying on face to avoid any allergic reaction.

Top 7 Face Bleaching Creams In India

Getting the best bleach for face is important. Which is why, we have compiled a list of top 7 branded bleaching creams for you.

    1. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals OxyDerm Gold Facial Bleach
    This bleach treatment contains gold collagenin peptides that help in lightening the shade of facial hair and skin by several tones. It also contains Aloe Vera and Meadowfoamate which reduce redness and retain skin moisture. Its face bleach for home use pack contains a pre-bleach lotion, bleach cream, activator and an after-bleach lotion.

    Book your face bleach at home service from UrbanClap right now!

    2. VLCC Insta Glow Gold Bleach
    The gold bleach is one of the best bleaching cream. It tends to lighten the dark hair on your face and makes them almost invisible. When you feel that you don’t have the time to get your upper lip waxed or your facial hair is suddenly starting to show a little too well, then you can start using this gold bleach to hide it.

    3. Dabur Oxy Life Salon Professional Crème Bleach
    This one here is suitable for all types of skin. Even those with sensitive skin, which is prone to irritation and redness, can use Oxy Crème bleach. The brand has been producing face bleaches for a long time and stood the test of time.

    4. VLCC Insta Glow Oxygen Bleach
    VLCC is one of the best bleaching cream brands currently available in India. This type of bleach is completely different from VLCC’s gold bleach that was earlier mentioned in the list. Along with lightening your facial hair (not to the extent of what the gold bleach does), this one lightens your skin, cleans your pores and removes blackheads. The best part is the additional pre-bleach cream that comes with it. This pre-bleach cream prepares your skin for the bleach, avoids any redness or itching, lightens tan impact on skin, and reduces patchiness.

    5. Fem de-tan Crème Bleach
    When your face is extremely tanned, one natural product that is going to help you is orange peel. Well, that is exactly what is added to the fem de-tan bleach. With the added nutrients of an orange peel, along with the smell, this bleach becomes highly effective in helping your de-tan your face and lighten it in the process. It also reduces the oil in your skin, thus maintaining a balance.

    6. Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Fairness bleach
    This is a natural bleach cream which contains fruit nutrients of strawberries and kiwi. It gives you a refreshed feel and replenishes your skin in the process, giving it a lighter, more livelier tone.

    7. Avon Naturals Herbal Bleach
    With herbal nutrients infused within, Avon Natural’s herbal bleach is very gentle on your face. It lightens your facial hair and the skin tone of your face.

Though these bleaching creams bring in amazing results to your face, you must be careful before you use them. Make sure you try them on a small area on your arm before applying on face, lest they have an allergic reaction.

Table: Cost of Face Bleaching Creams in India

Cost of face bleaching creams

Face Bleach: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is bleaching good for face?

Yes, bleaching is good for face. The benefits of face bleaching are:
a) Removes tanning for face
b) Removes blackheads and dead cells
c) Lightens facial hair, making you seem fairer
d) Controls oil balance

2. Is skin bleaching safe?

Like everything else, bleaching too is safe when done in moderation. Some of the points you can follow to have a good and safe bleaching session are:

a) Use less applicator but leave it one for a longer time. By using less chemical but increasing the time, the required impact of bleaching will be the same but without any redness or itching.

b) Keep a month’s gap in your face bleach session: Bleaching your face frequently is a strict no-no. Keep a gap at least 25 days between your bleaching sessions. If, however, you are in a field that requires being outdoors or that requires looking great all the time, you can use face masks which will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.
While bleaching should be a part of your over all skin care regime, it shouldn’t be done very frequently.

3. How often should one bleach?
It is advisable to bleach once in a month because using bleach very often can thin down the skin. Follow regular face care regime to get healthy and flawless skin.

4. What are the things to look after while bleaching?

Some of the things to keep in mind are:
a) Testing out the product on your arm before applying it on your face
b) Ensuring that the ratio of face bleach and applicator is correct
c) Not scrubbing the skin rigorously after bleaching
d) Not applying bleach around eyes, lips and private parts of the body
e) Not stepping out in the sunlight after applying bleach
f) Not applying bleach during pregnancy

5. Is skin bleaching permanent?

No, bleaching is not a permanent treatment. It is temporary and its effect wears off in 25-30 days from the date of application. It is usually repeated every 30 days to ensure that one’s face is radiant, clean and free of tanning and blemishes.

6. How can I make bleach at home?

To make natural bleach for face, you can try the following recipes:
a) Potato bleach
• Peel and grate a potato.
• Make a paste using rose water. (add honey if you have dry skin)
• Apply and wash off when dry

b) Cucumber bleach
• Peel and grate a cucumber
• Squeeze out the juice and mix aloe vera juice to it
• Apply and wash off after some time.

7. What are the side effects of bleaching your skin?
It can lead to redness and patchy appearance. It can cause irritation and cause acne. Also. if you bleach your skin very frequently, it can damage your skin from within and make it very thin and prone to tearing.

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