12 Best Home Remedies To Treat Chapped Lips

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Chapped lips are a constant problem in winters. However, there can be more serious reasons for your soft lips to be rough and cracked. Strong medication, severe sun damage and certain allergies can make your skin dehydrated and dry. But don’t worry – there are some very handy home remedies to treat chapped lips that you can use. In this post, we share with you 12 easy home remedies for treating chapped lips.

12 best home remedies for chapped lips

Let us begin by stating the obvious. To have lips that are healthy and supple, you need to increase the water content of your body. If you are dehydrated, your lips will automatically chap. You therefore have to ensure you drink enough amounts of water throughout the day. Once you are well hydrated, you can move on to the other home remedies to treat your chapped lips. They include:


1. Natural oils

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Natural oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, neem oil, almond oil and jojoba oil are excellent moisturisers. They are very gentle too and so perfect for your lips. Since coconut oil is widely available, use it as your base. Choose any other form of natural oil and mix a few drops of it to about a spoon of coconut oil. Blend it in and apply generously on your lips. You will notice a difference in just about a couple of days. Apply the oils regularly to keep the problem of chapped lips away permanently.


2. Honey with Vaseline

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Your lips often begin to bleed and hurt when the chapping is extreme. It is tremendously uncomfortable and even prevents you from eating properly. To quickly rectify this problem, you can try the honey-Vaseline home remedy. Just apply a thick layer of raw, organic honey on your lips and seal it off with a layer of Vaseline on top. Leave for about 15 minutes and then gently wipe it off with a damp towel. Honey is one of the best natural antibacterial agents. It promotes healing of the lips. The Vaseline helps the honey to stay in place and also supplies the lips with all the moisture it needs. This is an extremely potent home remedy that seldom fails to deliver.


3. Rose and milk

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If you love the beautiful hue of the rose petals and want the same soft pink blush on your lips too, try this wonderful home remedy for chapped lips. Soak a few rose petals in some milk and let it stand for an hour. Then, gently mash the petals into the milk to get a paste. Apply this paste on your lips. Rose is rich in vitamin E, something that is essential to the health of your skin. The vitamin enriches the lips and the pigments from the flower give it a soft blush. Milk contains lactic acid and this helps to exfoliate and wash away the dead skin cells from your lips. The other vitamins and minerals present in milk also work to supply your lips with the lost nutrition, leaving it soft, hydrated and beautiful.


4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of nature’s most effective medicines. It has multiple uses and healing chapped lips is one of them. Aloe vera not only helps repair the chapped lips, it also works to strengthen the thin layers of the skin. This leads to stronger lips that don’t chap quickly. It therefore is a good idea to make a habit of applying aloe vera to your lips throughout the year. It is very easy to use as well. All you have to do is slice an aloe leaf and scoop up the gel from within. Apply the gel directly on to your lips before you go to bed at night. Just do this and you will wake up with lips that are soft, supple and naturally moisturised.


5. Natural butter

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Cocoa butter, shea butter and ghee (clarified butter), all are rich in fatty acids. These fatty acids work wonders on your lip and deeply moisturise them from within. And since these butters are completely natural, you do not have to worry about chemicals and harmful agents entering your skin. Just grab some cocoa butter, shea butter or ghee and generously apply it on your lips at night. Leave it overnight and you will notice the difference in the morning.


6. Sugar and honey

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Sugar is one of the best natural exfoliators. It is important for you to exfoliate the skin on your lips. This will ensure you get rid of the dead skin and make way for new, healthy skin. All you have to do is mix a spoon of brown or white sugar to a spoon of honey and some olive oil. Make a very coarse paste and promptly apply it to your lips. Please remember here that the sugar needs to be granulated and not dissolved. Gently massage your lips with this paste and leave it on for about thirty minutes and then rinse it off. Do this regularly to give your lips a new, refreshed look.


7. Cucumber

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Chapped lips are mainly associated with the winters. However, the harsh sunlight and heat can severely damage your lips in summer as well. At such times, a gentle cooling agent such as cucumber helps tremendously. For this effective home remedy, all you have to do is cut a cucumber in fine slices and rub continuously on your lips. Then, leave the juice on for about an hour before you wash it off. This is an effective method to hydrate the skin and supply it with the lost nutrients. Make this a regular feature of your summer skincare regime and you will get relief from the uncomfortable lip problems that the season brings along.


8. Milk cream

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The thick layer of cream that forms on top when you boil milk is an excellent natural lip balm. Milk is one of the highest containers of vitamins and minerals and has vitamins A, B, C, D and E, all of which are useful for the lip. Additionally, milk also contains lactic acid which helps wash away the dead skin cells. So just dip your finger in the milk cream and apply it generously on your lips. The higher the fat content in the milk, the more effective this remedy will be. Once applied, leave on for about ten minutes and then wash it off with some cold water. You will instantly notice a change in your lips and you will feel the stretchiness and discomfort reduced.


9. Green tea

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Green tea is rich in tannis, a compound that helps reduce the pain and burning sensation caused by chapped lips. Green tea therefore helps repair the damaged skin cells on your lips. It is also full of antioxidants that make your lips healthy and strong. Just dip a bag of green tea in some hot water and place the bag on your lips. Leave it for as long as you can and you will feel the discomfort slipping away.


10. Honey, lemon and olive oil

Has the constant chapping left your lips dark and discoloured? If yes, then you need the honey and lemon home remedy. Just mix a spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a spoon of honey to half a spoon of olive oil. Apply it on your lips and leave it for about half an hour, before you wash it off. The lemon juice acts as a bleach that helps reduce the dark colour on your lips. Honey is an effective antibacterial medicine that heals the damaged lip skin. And the olive oil nourishes and moisturises the skin. So as you can see, this is one of the most effective and comprehensive home remedies to treat chapped lips.


11. Papaya and honey

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Dry, chapped skin often brings about tremendous amounts of itching and discomfort. To combat the problem of itching and also to hydrate the skin on your lips, try using the papaya and honey home remedy. Mix a spoon of papaya pulp with a spoon of honey and apply to your lips. Papaya is packed with enzymes that provide instant relief from itching. And honey, as we saw above, heals the skin naturally.


12. Beetroot juice

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Last but not the least, we have a remedy that has a dual effect. Beetroot juice is a full of nutrients that hydrate your skin from the inside. It also boasts of a dark, red colour. This home remedy is ideal to try just before you leave home. Apply some pure beetroot juice directly to the lips and leave for about fifteen minutes. Then wash if off with cold water. You will find your lips to be hydrated and you will also notice a beautiful rich, dark hue on them.


There are some very effective home remedies for chapped lips. These remedies are very simple and can easily be carried out. Try out the ones you like the best and see the positive results very soon. It is time for you to bid adieu to the discomfort and say help to beautiful lips!

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