12 Brown Hair Color Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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While red is ravishing, black is bewitching, and blonde is, well, blonde, brown is simply beautiful. Brown hair color shades are the choice for anyone looking to be made over, but without making drastic changes. It’s subtle beauty makes it appealing to women who like things sim for something subtle and understated.

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There something for everyone in our list of brown hair color shades for every Indian skin complexion. Once you know your skin undertone, browse through our select shades of brown to find your brunette persona.

Brown hair colour shades #1 Cinnamon brown

cinnamon brown hair color shade

This is a bright shade of light brown hair color with reddish hints can bring a glow to cool skin undertones.

Brown hair colour shades #2 – Light brown

Light brown hair color shade

This popular shade is a neutral variant of light brown hair color, and will suit all skin undertones.

Brown hair colour shades #3 – Ash brown 

ash brown hair color shade

Warm skin tones looking to balance the lovely yellows of your complexion with a nice cool shade must try this brown hair color.

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Brown hair colour shades #4 Chestnut brown

chestnut brown hair color
Chestnut hair color is what you get when you combine warm shades like deep brown, caramel hair color, and golden brown. An apt choice for those with cool skin undertones.

Brown hair colour shades #5 – Medium golden brown

Golden brown hair color shade

The golden highlights in this brown hair color will warm up and compliment a cool skin tone.


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Brown hair colour shades #6 – Iced chocolate brown

Chocolate brown hair color shade

All skin tones can try this neutral shade for an intense chocolate brown hair color that probably tastes as good as it looks!

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Brown hair colour shades #7 – French roast bronze hair color

bronzed brown hair color shade

Cool skin tones can flaunt locks dipped in this this rich dark brown hair color shade with tones of bronze hair color, that takes inspiration from delicious french coffee beans.

Brown hair colour shades #8 – Caramel hair color

caramel brown hair color shade

Whether you go for a full head or a caramel balayage, either way, cool skin tones can’t ever go wrong with the golden hued caramel hair color.

Brown hair colour shades #9 – Dark brown 

Dark brown hair color shade

A simple yet intense dark brown hair color shade that can get lost on dark Indian hair. Still, as a dark brown hair dye, it is perfect  to cover grey hair. You could even try subtle golden lowlights or a cinnamon balayage to add definition to dark brown hair.

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Brown hair colour shades #10 Toffee brown

Toffee brown hair color shade

‘Yum’ is the word for this lovely warm shade of light brown hair colour.  The perfect choice to light up a complexion with a cool skin undertone.

Brown hair colour shades #11 – Mushroom brown

mushroom brown hair color shade

Mushroom is all the rage among brown hair colour shades! Somewhere between a washed out brown and gray, this edgy cool-hued brown hair color is best used in an ombre hair color style, for warm Indian skin tones.

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Brown hair colour shades #12 – Mahogany brown

Mahogany brown hair color shade

A warm shade of brown hair color with reddish undertones, perfect for cool skin complexions. Try a a burgundy ombre to bring out its red tones.

Last Words on Brown Hair Color Shades for Indian Hair

While coloured hair may be beautiful to wear and fun to get done, it is just as hard to maintain. Now that you’ve some great ideas for brown hair color shades to try, do read this post on homemade hair masks for coloured hair to help you take better care of your tresses.

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