10 Beauty Tips For The Dusky Beauties

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There are countless forums about beauty tips. But most of them ignore the fact that such tips do not work well on dark skinned women. Not just the complexion, but the texture and cellular make-up of dark skin is far from similar to light skins. Here is the one post all you dusky beauties are looking for. Down here, we give you 10 tips to be followed to have a healthy and beautiful skin to suit your dark complexion. Read on!

1. Heat is the enemy!

Ladies, stay away from the sun. by this we do not suggest stay at home like a hermit but take extra precaution when you venture outside into harsh sun. protect you skin well. Apply high SPF sun-blocks and sunscreens to avoid the tough sun damage. Covering up your face with a light colored scarf will also work.

2. Tinted moisturizer foundation

Most foundations make dark skin tones look a tone lighter artificially. The skin begins to look made-up and plastic. The skin gest roughed-up and often appears unevenly coated. Here is a pro tip to avoid this! Blend in some tinted moisturizer that suits your skin to the foundation you use. This tint will help the foundation to match your skin tone and fuse well. The moisturizer will let the foundation spread evenly on the skin and you can avoid ugly patches.

3. Attend to those pimples

Dark skin is more prone to pimple attacks and acne. They are bound to pop up on your face every now and then. To avoid this, you need to open the pores of your skin. Cleanse your face once a day to clear the pores. Another way to achieve this is by removing your make-up before you sleep and letting the skin cells breath overnight. At any cost, do not pick at your pimples unless you want your face to be ridden by them.

4. The right tone

One way of keeping your face free of pimples is by using a toner on a daily basis. T  he right toner for your skin will exfoliate it gently and removes all the dirt accumulating on its surface.

5. Rub it well!

As discusses in the previous point, you skin needs to breath. Dark tone skin tends to be oily and attracts dust more than a lighter tone. The skin is chocked by all the dust that settles in the epidermis and calls for an immediate exfoliation. With some research, find a scrub mild in chemicals to scrub your skin. Ram flour mixed with curd is a natural way out. Or even sugar mixed with olive oil will do the trick. Rub it along your skin in circular motion and rinse your skin off the dirt.

6. Foundation that matters

This is one major roadblock for women of dark skin. The sheer inability to find a foundation cream or a compact that matches their skin tone. Having said that, it is imperative to find the right shade so that it complements your skin tone but not mask it with a completely different color. The shade should resemble your natural skin tone. If not, a lighter foundation will make your face look ashy after application. Liquid foundations are known to be the best for they do not create an odd matte look.

7. Put powder away

The shine of dark skin is impeccable. Do not cast that away with tonnes of powder. Powders have the tendency to make the face look cakey and clumpy. Like a wrongly chosen foundation, loads of powder also make your face ashy and grey. Keep in mind that powder cannot blend with your skin as well as a foundation does.

8. Mask it up

Dark skin tones lose their moisture faster than other skin tones. Here is why you need to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Keep using homemade masks at least once a week to keep the skin fresh and prepped. Honey and egg whites make a great pair for radiant skin. If your skin is oily, choose the egg white and if you have dry skin, then go for the egg yolk.

9. Beware of oil

Oily skin is the biggest complaint of women with a darker skin tone. This takes them away from moisturizers because they turn the skin oilier. Who would want a greasy face right? But here is the deal. Apply some milk of magnesia on the face and let it settle. Later, apply a light and non-oily moisturizer. This way, you will keep your face moisturized and not look slick.

10. Not so hot

It is a pleasure to drip in hot water on a winter morning. But if you don’t fit the “fair and lovely” category, you better do not. For hot water has the tendency to boil the essential oils in the skin thus making the surface a parched land. Instead, get habituated to bath in lukewarm waters.

For the past decades, beauty has been about girls with pale skin tones. Thankfully, women themselves have begun to understand that beauty has nothing to do with the skin tones but is all about how you take over the world irrespective of your color. Take these tips and appreciate your complexion for you are the Dark Knight that always rises!

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