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Best Kitchen Remodeling Service in Bangalore
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Get a modular kitchen in Bangalore at ease now. To serve our customers and provide them with the best kitchen remodeling services in the city, UrbanClap has come up with a team of professionals who do kitchen renovation and kitchen remodeling in Bangalore. You don’t need to worry about the kitchen remodeling price, because we have services for all budget sizes. Our service renderers are the filtered professionals in the city who believe in excellent work and deliver in their best capabilities.


681 Modular Kitchen Services in Bangalore

  • AK Waterproofing CompanyAK Waterproofing Company
    AK Waterproofing Company
    28th Main, BTM Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (20 reviews) Hired 10 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      When I was looking for contractor for waterproofing services, I got a quote from various contractors and AK Waterproofing Company were the most reasonable. The work done by them is very satisfactory. The final outcome is good. We haven't had any issues with these people.

    • s

      This is honest review as it unravelled before me. He was very prompt came on agreed time. Work was good although he promised to fix leak from pipe still had probs but promptly Re visited once called. He also guarantees 5 yr for his job whether he lives upto that time will tell. 4.5 stars

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  • Design SpaceDesign Space
    Design Space
    HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (9 reviews) Hired 6 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Service time-5/5 Customer relationship-5/5 Quality of work-4/5 Overall I would recommend design space for interior work

    • v

      Very professional and great work. Their team works with shortest timeline. Reasonable pricing and good quality.

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  • Gi-Infra DevelopersGi-Infra Developers
    Gi-Infra Developers
    Frazer Town, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (9 reviews) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • d

      I wanted to get a pooja ghar made for my house. In which i wanted to everything to be in white marble from the jalis to the back thee only thing which i did not want in marble was the sides I wantec it in wood. I gave this intrior designer the exact design and he quoted me a price of Rs.42,000, to which i agreed and its only later that i realised its too expensive.So the work started AND he just got normal stone from the market which is definately not marble and for the wood area he used MDF that to of a very local quality. More over he had no fixed labour everyday we used to see new faces in our house , so he basically used to hire chowk ki labour . Finally the work the did was very shabby looking.They left all the material too.What was promised was not delivered at all. WORST EXPERIENCE.KACHRA SERVICE. 0 OUT OF 5 . NOT RECOMMENDED

    • r

      I had such an wonderful experience..very humble and polite employees..perfectionist..Thank you for providing the best service.. Hats off to ur team UC.

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  • Interior ElementsInterior Elements
    Interior Elements
    Bangalore, Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India
    (5 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Well done mr.shankar.....keep up ur good work ...

    • a

      Excellent work Mr Shankar. ...good quote with superb quality. ...keep going

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  • Interform InteriorsInterform Interiors
    Interform Interiors
    Koramangala 8th Block, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (4 reviews)
    • a

      We had a fantastic experience with Muhammad. He helped us select cabinets for our remodel in the kitchen. The quality of the plan was good. The execution was fast.

    • s

      They performed a complete kitchen remodel in 2 weeks! They installed fixtures and flooring in the kitchen. Muhammad and his team are good. The project was executed perfectly. We had no issues and had our kitchen back in only 2 weeks!

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  • Khadar AliKhadar Ali
    Khadar Ali
    (4 reviews)
    • s

      This Man is good work

    • a

      Khadar Ali did the contracting work on the 1st and 2nd floor of my building in Tilak Nagar. He did a great job and finished the work in about 3 months time. He charged 17lacs for his services

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  • Mahadev Interior DesignerMahadev Interior Designer
    Mahadev Interior Designer
    Basavanapura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (1 review)
  • ExinfraExinfra
    Jnana Bharathi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • V - WorksV - Works
    V - Works
    Muthyala Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (35 reviews) Hired 26 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Knowledgeable .sometimes relies too much on the workers. Most important, very reliable and for him customer satisfaction is important.

    • a

      Hello, we engaged V Works for our project in Bangalore. Mr Vincent is a thorough professional. Knows his job best. Improvises better during a crisis. Can take lead and pitches in his suggestions whenever needed. It was an excellent experience to have his services. Highly recommended for both renovations and new projects. Vastly experienced. We look forward to working with V Works on more projects.

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  • Jimmy JosephJimmy Joseph
    Jimmy Joseph
    Kodathi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    (30 reviews)
    • b

      I hired him for my home's renovation work and was completed in one and a half week's time. The area was around 1000 square feet and I loved hiring him as everything was completed very fast and the work was clean too. His execution is amazing and staff as well. I would love to hire him again and would also recommend him to my colleagues.

    • f

      I hired him for waterproofing and it completed in a days time only. He is very smart with his work and his approach towards work is smart too. I loved hiring him as some other professional told us they will take a week's time but he completed it in a day only. I would love to recommend him.

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    While I hired him he gave me lots of hope n perfect picture on what he would do for my interior but when actual work started what was promised wasn't done. The workers are lazy for things to get done in a days time they take 3days. Wasim though was trying his best but his helpers were not that skilled. I dint find my cabinet finishing done well. I had to remind workers to paint the sides. Ideally Wasim promised to get the work done in 15 -18days for kitchen renovation + 2bedroom wardrobe it later took more than 1 month. Overall my review is just Ok.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will procure the raw material?

    Ideally, the professional hired is entitled to procure all the raw materials however if the customer wants to procure some or all of the material himself, the same can also be done.

  • What if I want only a particular brand’s appliances installed in my kitchen?

    The customer’s preference remains to be our priority. Hence customer’s recommendations are followed wherever feasible.

  • Is it difficult to maintain a modular kitchen?

    Maintaining a modular kitchen is not a big deal. Given that idea of modular kitchen design itself is to reduce inconvenience by giving an organised framework, its maintenance, in turn, is even easier. Check for movement of cabinets during the monsoon. Keep the structures clean off dust and grease by cleaning with soft cloth. No not use sharp objects such as knives or forks to clean nooks and corners.

  • Why should I install appliances such as chimney and cooktops in my kitchen?

    The appliances add to the essence of the modular kitchen design, giving it a visual appeal and the necessary edge to the décor. Apart from optical aesthetics, these appliances also help in completing the chores faster. Their advanced technologies aim to provide you with a hassle free experience.

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Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

Kitchen has always been the most important part of the household in India. It is treated as a sacred space by most of us since this is where food is prepared for the whole family and where Goddess Annapurna is supposed to reside (in Hindu mythology). Many people even believe that the state of the kitchen in a house gives an insight into the family that lives in the house. A well-stocked, beautifully- decorated and organised kitchen means that people inside the house are prosperous and healthy. This may be the reason why people spend a lot of time in finalising their kitchen designs. Nowadays, in Bangalore modular kitchens are very much in vogue. A modern kitchen layout in which a number of wall and floor cabinets are designed in a way to optimise space and give maximum storage and countertop workspace. If you have a house with an old-style kitchen, you should opt for kitchen remodelling to give it a new look.

Modular Kitchen Layouts You Can Implement During Kitchen Renovation Also

When you think of modular kitchens, a particular layout may come to your mind first. However, there are plenty of different modular kitchen layouts that you can choose based on your kitchen size and preferences. The placement of cabinets, counters, sink and kitchen appliances changes with each layout. You can also get a customised modular kitchen design so that it perfectly fits your space and meets all your needs. Take a look at the modular kitchen layouts popular in Bangalore:

U-shaped Modular Kitchen:

You can easily find a U-shaped modular kitchen in Bangalore in large spaces. It makes the most of the space available on three sides of the kitchen and has excellent storage with wall and floor cabinets. There is a lot of counter space as well as place for kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers and coffee makers. This is the ideal layout for families where family members spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen:

Another popular kitchen layout that can work for both large and small spaces. It optimises the space and offers plenty of counter and storage space. If you like the open kitchen concept, this modular kitchen layout will really work well for you. This kitchen layout is ideal for nuclear families or individuals. This also happens to be a very common layout design for modular kitchens in apartments in Bengaluru.

Straight Modular Kitchen:

Ideal for small spaces or studio apartments, the straight modular kitchen is the simplest layout you can choose for your home. While it has relatively smaller storage and counter space, it is compact and versatile and can work as a great open kitchen layout. This layout is again ideal for nuclear families, couples or individuals.

Island Layout:

If you want a lot of working space and storage, there is nothing better than an island modular kitchen layout. There is ample space to set up the kitchen appliances such as food processors, blenders, juicers, coffee makers, etc. You can also set up a couple of bar stools to make this a breakfast station where you, your spouse and your kids can have breakfast or even lunch and dinner. This is ideal for spacious homes and large families.

Parallel Layout:

Parallel modular kitchen layout is designed in such a way that it has two parallel countertops. This means that you have a lot of storage space as well as working space and multiple people can work in the kitchen easily. You can also have fun cooking activities with your kids in the kitchen. This kitchen layout is ideal for moderate to large homes.

Modular Kitchen Materials

The material for the modules can range from wood to particleboard. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. So, if your kitchen remodelling is underway or about to get started, here are a few important things you need to know about the different modular kitchen materials:


If you want, you can choose wood for your modular kitchen. It is quite expensive especially if you choose some of the best types of wood available in the market. Wood modules are durable and look great in any house. The disadvantage of choosing wood is that it is prone to attack by termites and other pests, and to water damage.


This is made out of sheets of veneer pressed with resins. You can choose boiling water-resistant ply or moisture resistant ply based on your choice. Plywood is engineered wood which means it is strong as well as resistant to termites. The only disadvantage is that it is comparatively expensive as compared to other kitchen materials save wood. So, if you opt for an only-plywood kitchen, your modular kitchen cost will shoot up. Contact your interior designer in Bangalore to suggest other budget-friendly alternatives.


Fibreboard, especially medium-density fibreboard, is made out of wooden fibres glued together with resins which are then hot-pressed. It is an affordable alternative to wood. Another advantage is that it is resistant to termites.

Particle Board:

You can have a wood finish in your modular kitchen without spending a bomb by choosing particleboard. Made out of waste wood or sawdust, it is quite affordable as compared to other materials. The disadvantage is that it is not very strong and cannot bear a lot of weight.

Note you can get all of these materials from a modular kitchen supplier or dealer based in Bangalore.

Modular Kitchen Finishes

The whole look of a modular kitchen can change based on the kitchen material and finish that you choose. The different finishes also have their own pros and cons and may be suitable in different circumstances. Read this section to know more about them:

Laminate Finish:

If you are looking for a finish that will last a long time and comes at an affordable price as well, then laminate finish is the right choice for you. It is heat and moisture resistant and looks great in both small and large kitchens.

Acrylic Finish:

Most people love an acrylic finish since it is glossy and looks great in the kitchen. However, it is relatively expensive and also reflects fingerprint marks, stains and dirt on the surface easily. Regular cleaning may help deal with this issue, and so opt for an acrylic finish only if your lifestyle and budget allow you to clean the kitchen space quite regularly.

Membrane Finish:

This finish for a modular kitchen in Bangalore is ideal for most people since it is easy to clean and maintain and is more affordable than acrylic finish. You can just use a wet cloth to clean your kitchen.

PU Finish:

For a classy look to your kitchen, choose a PU finish. You can go for a matte or glossy finish based on the overall décor of your home. This is also easy to maintain for a long time and ideal for people who want a modular kitchen without spending a fortune.

Glass Finish:

You can choose glass shutters for your cabinets for a classic look. Depending on the overall look you are looking for, you can choose plain for frosted variants. This will help you display your spices and utensils beautifully in the kitchen.

Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Most people are opting for modular kitchens in Bangalore nowadays whether they are building a new home or just opting for kitchen remodelling. And this is not just because modular kitchens are considered “fashionable” but because they offer plenty of benefits such as:

Easy to Install and Customise:

A modular kitchen is made out of modules, i.e. wall cabinets, floor cabinets, countertops, etc. that can be installed as per the space available. You can choose the placement of sinks, faucets, appliances and cabinets and the modular kitchen will be customised as per your needs. You can visit modular kitchen suppliers to select the units and designs for your kitchen

Matches Your Style:

Your kitchen can look like any other beautiful room in your house since you can choose different materials and designs for the cabinets, countertops, etc. A modular kitchen can be made to look in sync with the rest of the décor of the house. If your old kitchen does not match the décor of the rest of your home, hire a professional offering kitchen remodelling services to get a stylish modular kitchen.

Quick to Repair:

Since a modular kitchen is made up of different modules, any damaged piece can be repaired or replaced easily without affecting the other units. The replaced module will not look odd or out of space in your kitchen.


While most people do not think about a modular kitchen as “portable”, in many ways it is easy to take out the units and re-install them in a new place if you move to a new home or renovate your existing one. For example, your modular kitchen in Bangalore can be disassembled and re-assembled in your new home in any city easily. You can also get the installation of the unit changed slightly based on the space in your new home.

Installed by Professionals:

A modular kitchen is installed by modular kitchen dealers only. They can also help you finalise a design that will look great and also save you a lot of space. You will be able to have a kitchen with a great design that has loads of storage space as well as workspace and the right placement of faucets, sinks, appliances, etc.

Cost of Modular Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen or building one from scratch is exciting but it does come at a price. It can be helpful to know what the price would be so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Just keep in mind that the modular kitchen price varies based on different factors. Even when you check online, most modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore and other cities only indicate a package price and the actual price may vary. Here are some of the important factors that play an important role in determining your modular kitchen cost:

Size of Your Kitchen:

The space is one of the key determining factors since more space means more cabinets, workspace, etc. This means that the same modular kitchen design will cost more for a larger kitchen than a smaller one. You can consult with a modular kitchen dealer to get an idea of the cost by sharing the size of the kitchen.

Cabinet Material and Finish:

There are all kinds of cabinet materials and finishes that you can choose for your modular kitchen. Acrylic, membrane foil, plywood, polymer, etc. are some of the popular cabinet materials used in modular kitchens. You can also choose a glossy finish, matte finish or poly UV finish for the exterior finish. All of them come at different price points and add to the cost of your modular kitchen. These also have different maintenance and cleaning needs and you need to choose them based on your lifestyle and budget.

Countertop and Backsplash Material:

Marble, granite, corian or its alternatives, quartz, etc. are some of the popular countertop options available to people when it comes to modular kitchen. Since backsplash also adds a visual element, you can choose ceramic tiles, glass, metals, etc. These can affect your modular kitchen cost considerably.


You can add different accessories to your modular kitchen design. The material and design chosen for hinges, handles and other hardware will add to the cost. If you want cutlery holders or knife stands build into the cabinets or bind holders in the floor cabinets, they will also add to the total cost of your modular kitchen. If you choose a package from your modular kitchen dealer, you may not have to pay for all these separately since they may be included in the package price. Only if you want to add anything over and above the package, you will have to pay for it separately.

Kitchen Appliances:

The cost of modular kitchen in Bangalore is also affected by the types of built-in appliances you get. These appliances are seamless in design and look great in your kitchen. Since they are integrated with the design, they take up less workspace on the countertops and help you make the most of the space available to you. Chimney, exhaust fan and other electrical appliances that you need to install in your kitchen will also add up to your modular kitchen cost. It will be helpful to prioritise your needs before you finalise a modular kitchen design since this will enable you to make smarter decisions.

It will be helpful to remember that building or remodelling a kitchen is not something that you do frequently so it is important that you get the best one possible even if it may cost you slightly more than anticipated.

With every nook and corner designed with a specific purpose in mind, modular kitchens serve the purpose of not only saving space but utilising it in the best way possible. If you also want a kitchen that not only ensures a smooth functioning of daily chores but also has some aesthetic value, then a modular kitchen is your pick. With the exclusive feature of being accommodated in any space, a number of modular kitchen designs remain prevalent. Some of them are I- shaped modular kitchen design, U-shaped modular kitchen design and so on.To overcome the problem of hiring reliable contractors, UrbanClap came up with the idea of offering modular kitchen service to provide a one-stop shop to all its customers.

How it works?

As soon as you open the UrbanClap website or App to search for modular kitchen services, a questionnaire will pop up before you. The questionnaire aims to gather your requirements and hence questions such as the area of the kitchen, locality, kind of service needed and so on is the part of the questionnaire. Once you are done answering all the questions, your request will be uploaded on the portal. You will start receiving quotations from professionals who align with your requirements. Compare their quotes; check their reviews and ratings to select your pick.

Services offered

  • Modular cabinets and drawers- Select this service for modular kitchen rack design, modular kitchen cabinet design, modular kitchen cupboard design and so on. Choose from a variety of designs or get one curated of your choice by sharing the modular kitchen design catalogue or modular kitchen design photo with the professional.

  • Civil work- This service includes the first layer of work such as painting, installation of kitchen slab, installing wall tiles and so on.

  • Cooktop and chimney- Tick against this service for avail and install kitchen appliances such as cooktop and chimney.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals: The professionals on board with the UrbanClap portal are taken through a strict screening process to ensure that only quality work reaches our customer.

  • Customer Centric: All the UrbanClap services are curated keeping the customer in mind. This is the reason that we remain flexible to accommodate all the needs of our customers and modular kitchen service is no exception.

  • Price bucket: The modular kitchen service is divided into three affordability buckets to accommodate the requirements of all our customers.

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