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We,at UrbanClap, provide you with the best yoga trainers in Delhi so that you don't regret and gain extra weight, eating the irresistible ‘aloo chaat’ and ‘Galouti kebab’ in Chandni Chowk.Whether you need an experienced personal yoga trainer at home in Delhi or would much rather go for the best yoga classes in Delhi, we’ve got your back. Our experienced yoga trainers in Delhi will help you cope with and solve your health-related issues. Since we have the best yoga instructors near you, we assure you the best. Join UrbanClap now, and book your next weight loss yoga, power yoga, or meditation class in Delhi NCR today!

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Yoga Trainer at Home at UrbanClap served 8594 requests in New Delhi, New Delhi in the last 30 days as of 9 March, 2018. An average request in Yoga Trainer at Home Category costs around Rs. 5476.70. The providers on-boarded on UrbanClap are approved only after an extensive background scrutiny and customers reference checks. About 94.18% of providers are rated in the excellent and good category.

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Hiring Guide for Yoga Instructors at Home in New Delhi

Yoga at home has gained a considerable following in Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region over the last few years. Numerous camps organised by leading yoga advocates and the beaming of programmes into homes have been a major reason behind the reawakening of interest in this ancient healthy exercise regimen.

However, learning to do yoga by oneself after watching a television channel or a web video is not recommended. Yoga is a very complex exercise and is not as simple as taking a walk or doing a push-up or two. This is why you need an instructor who can lead you through the processes and help you learn the right yoga asanas to do and ways to do them. At UrbanClap, we help you learn yoga at home at a time that is convenient for you. Read on to know more.

Yoga has been practiced for centuries for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Regular practice not only aligns your mind and body but also helps you lead a more happy and healthy life. The meditation and breathing practices help you stay calm and relaxed even amidst the daily chaos of a modern city. Practicing yoga even a few times per week can give you great results. Here are some of the main benefits of yoga:

Yoga asanas, also known as yoga postures, are specific positions that yoga practitioners hold to avail their health and psychological benefits. Different yoga asanas offer different benefits. They can range from easy asanas that are ideal for beginners to difficult ones meant for more advanced yoga practitioners. Here are eight yoga asanas for beginners:

Regular practice of yoga can keep you healthy and fit for life. However, even if you are suffering from an ailment, yoga can provide relief from the symptoms and may also help eradicate the disease from its root. Here are a few major diseases that can be cured by yoga:

To avail the health benefits of yoga, you need to learn it from a qualified instructor since they will be able to teach you the right postures, breathing patterns, and other nuances while practicing yoga. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a yoga instructor at home:

Hiring a Yoga Instructor in Delhi from UrbanClap

Process of Hiring a Yoga Instructor from UrbanClap