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Who doesn’t want their most special day to be framed forever? Weddings last a lifetime and so do wedding photographs. To capture those precious moments find the best wedding photographer in Delhi on UrbanClap. Whether you are looking for wedding or pre-wedding photographers in Delhi, you can find them all here. Choose from over 100+ top wedding photographers in Delhi that can capture your big day in the most beautiful and elegant manner.

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Hiring Guide for Wedding Photographers

A wedding photographer should be on your top wedding planning checklist. Now you don’t have to find on your own in Noida, as UrbanClap has made a list of the best wedding photographers in the city for you. You will find candid and traditional photographersalong with the combination of both for all your wedding events in Noida.

How do I find a good wedding photographer in my budget?

Go through portfolios of various photographers on the weboffering packages at different prices. It is also important to check the prices once you have found the style or quality according to your preferences. When some are above your budget and you specifically want a particular photography style, it is best you spend less on the other wedding aspects. If you are unable to do that, then check some photographer within your budget.

What’s the process of hiring a wedding photographer and videographer?

You can reach out to wedding photographers by sending them a table of information as shown below:

You will have a better idea of how much the package would cost and you will find a photographer within your budget much faster.

What is included in a wedding photo and video package?

Traditional Wedding Photography

Wedding photography started traditional wedding photography. In this style, posed and portrait photographs of the couple, families and guests are clicked, and high-end cameras and other equipment are not used by the traditional photography team. They capture every moment during the wedding events in a documentary style.

Candid Wedding Photography

One of the most recent photography styles to have emerged is candid wedding photography. This style has become popular among photographers who have fewer years of practice in the photography field. However, they have been able to make name for themselves with their original styles of clicking pictures. The photos in this style come out candid and due to its straightforward nature, this style is called candid photography. Candid wedding photographers click photos when no one is looking but they are not restricted to clicking posed and portrait photographs. These shots are quite necessary to create wedding moments. In traditional photography, high-end equipment is not used and it is cheaper than a candid wedding photography package. A candid wedding photographer has his/her own trademark style of clicking photographs that are unexpected, candid, and warm, and it is one of the other reasons why this style is more expensive.

Traditional vs Cinematic Wedding Videography

Traditional, HD, 4K and cinematic are the major wedding videography types. It is important that you know the prices and inclusions of all the videography types before you decide on a style you need for your wedding. Cinematic videography would be more expensive as it requires special equipment and also, it requires that the videographer has the ability to make the wedding video like a movie. On the other hand, traditional wedding videography constitutes wedding videos done in the simplest manner. If you request, the traditional videographer can also create a highlight reel. It is a cheaper alternative than the rest and you can also make your basic wedding video fun by adding songs and interviews. You just have to send the videographer some songs you and your groom love, and ask him to take some interviews with family and friends to add in the wedding video.

Tips to reduce overall cost

How To Get The Best Out Of The Wedding Photographer

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