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A wedding is never complete without a pre-wedding photoshoot of the beautiful couple. UrbanClap is here to make your wedding perfect! UrbanClap offers the services of the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi. The best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi are sure to carry out the best pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi. From suggesting the best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas in Delhi, to selecting the pre-wedding photoshoot location in Delhi, the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi do it all for you! Want the best pre-wedding photos in Delhi? UrbanClap.

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Pre-wedding photography has become an essential part of weddings, and not without good reason. On the actual wedding functions, the couple is busy meeting and greeting guests and taking part in wedding rituals. A pre-wedding shoot allows them to get photographed in a relaxed setting, without all the chaos of the wedding. They're dressed up in formal wear, that sometimes is a bit uncomfortable even, but on their pre-wedding shoot they can wear casual outfits and have fun with each other, without being weighed down by heavy Indian finery. And for couples who are having an arranged marriage, it gives them a chance to get to know each other and spend some time together with a photographer capturing the happy moments.

What is a pre-wedding photo shoot?

The couple spends a couple of hours with the photographer at 1-2 locations of their choice at a fun photo shoot. They generally change outfits atleast once and while they're not as formally dressed as they would be at their wedding events, they're still dressed up to look their best in the photographs. The couple can either go for a concept photo shoot (DDLJ movie-themed shoot in mustard fields or underwater) or a general photo shoot like at a location the two of them had their first date or at a monument which provides for gorgeous backdrops.

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As soon as you go on the UrbanClap website or App to search for a pre wedding photographer in the search bar, a pop up box will appear before you. Through the questionnaire, we aim to understand your requirements so that we are able to provide you with best-suited options. Next, we will be asking that do you want a pre-wedding video, is your fiancé in the same city same as you, your idea for shoot location, is your wedding date decided etc. Accordingly, we will provide you with our pre-wedding photographers and you will start receiving quotations.

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Pre-wedding photographers have taken another platform in Delhi. One perfect picture can take you back to the perfect day of your life when it all began. Our competent team of photographers, editors, video professionals and designers, make sure that you get the most stunning pictures and interesting, and well-crafted videos of your special day. Select a perfect wedding photographer to capture all your pre-wedding memories.

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