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Dieting, dieting, dieting! Tired of hearing that everywhere you go? Thanks to UrbanClap that provides the best nutritionists in Delhi for all your demands. Be it about setting up a customized nutrition chart, or about a balanced diet plan for weight loss, or about how much of that delicious cheese you should eat, our experienced nutritionists in Delhi are always there on their toes for everything you need. Since we have the most experienced dieticians in Delhi and the best nutritionists in Delhi with us, we assure you the best. Say yes to UrbanClap!

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Nutritionists in Delhi NCR

Any Delhite will have noticed a rise in obesity over the past few years among the city’s residents. If you think back to the 1990s of your childhood or the first decade of the 21st century, you will remember most people in the colony being quite fit and healthy. But as time progressed, more and more people seemed to be putting on weight. Binge eating and surviving on junk food now seems to be the norm. The fact that Delhi has some of the tastiest snacks in India also adds to the problem. All these reasons make a nutritionist necessary for us to get back our health. At UrbanClap, we bring to you a selection of some of the best dieticians in Delhi who can help you change your diet plan and revitalise your health. We will look at some of the top reasons why you need a nutritionist, common diet plans, understand how diet can cure health issues and things you ought to keep in mind while working with a nutritionist.

As you learn more about the different types of diets, you may wonder if dietary changes can actually help cure diseases. This is a valid question since you probably hear a lot about it but much of that sounds too good to be true. We have tried to cut through the foggy information and bring you some facts about how diet can impact an existing condition, illness or disease.

Once you submit all the information (and depending on your choices), one or more of our qualified and registered dieticians will contact you within the next 24 hours. Transforming your life is easier than you may think. Do not let the magnitude of your eventual goal deter you from taking the first steps. Changing your diet and adopting healthy eating habits is the most substantial decision you can for your life.

With growing lifestyle diseases and more awareness of healthy eating even at old age, dietitians have become an invaluable part of our efforts to stay healthy and fit. These experts do what we try to do but are mostly unable to because of lack of information and to an extent, sustained effort. Most of us do not have an idea what suits us and end up eating what our family eats at home and what friends or colleagues eat outside. The pervasive presence of tasty junk food also ensures we do not stay on track despite best efforts. Let us look at some top reasons why you need to find a nutritionist in Delhi or elsewhere.

5 Most Common Diet Plans

What you eat has the largest impact on your health. No amount of exercise can overcome the ill effects of a bad diet. Nor will you be able to get into shape if you eat the wrong kinds of food. People who suffer from various diseases and conditions have to take extra care about what they eat. The quest to find the perfect diet could be quite difficult, as there are a lot of options. Here are the top five diets that are extremely popular among urban Indians intent on finding the best healthy lifestyle. Before you read any further, we would like to make one point very clear – NEVER start any of these diets without consulting a qualified and professional dietician or nutritionist.

Diet Plan # 1: Atkins

One of the earliest standardised nutrition plans, the Atkins diet has been around for decades now and even has its own website. In its original form, it was the centre of much controversy and falsely blamed for many nutrition deficiency diseases and symptoms in developed countries, even anorexia. The diet has been altered over the years and what you hear about now is the “New” Atkins. It works on the principle that lowering the intake of carbohydrates will force the body to burn its fat reserves for energy. On paper, this sounds great and initial results are always encouraging, if you can get past the nausea and constipation. However, this diet promotes eating processed meats, red meats, and a high salt intake. Even the Eco and Vegetarian alternatives have these problems. However, a more balanced version of the Atkins diet and a gradual supervised implementation could help you adopt it for a healthy lifestyle. The ability to include processed foods, which most other diets prohibit completely, does open up a lot of options for city-dwellers, particularly in metros like Delhi, where home-grown produce is a luxury.

Diet Plan # 2: Ketogenic

The Keto diet is similar to the Atkins in some ways. It relies on a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb plan. But consuming fat to lose weight? This seemingly paradoxical idea works by pushing the body to burn off its stored sugars and use the consumed proteins and fat for energy. This causes the digestive system to produce ketones and the body enters a state of ketosis. As long as you do not consume more calories than you can burn off, the diet will sustain your current weight. A slightly negative calorie balance can see you rapidly lose the weight from the excess fat in your body. Adapting to this diet is the single biggest challenge. In the first few weeks, nausea and indigestion are very common. Once your body gets accustomed, this diet is one of the easier ones to maintain. Going back to “normal” unhealthy food (aside from occasional indulgence) may actually make you sick so it becomes easier to continue with it. However, the Ketogenic diet was not designed keeping Indian foods in mind. Adapting the Keto diet to Indian cuisine can be a difficult prospect, particularly for vegetarians. However, with help from a qualified dietician or nutritionist, it is very much possible. Desi-Keto diets have been successfully adopted by many health enthusiasts.

Diet Plan # 3: Gluten-Free

More of a lifestyle choice than a diet plan, the gluten-free diet will cut out gluten containing products from your diet. This is a commonly prescribed diet for treating various diseases and conditions of the digestive system. Gluten is actually a “plant protein” that is found in grains like wheat, barley, rice, and rye, and the food made from them like bread and chappatis. Gluten is what makes most grains “sticky.” Gluten has been associated with a lot of digestive and nutrition related problems which made this diet very popular within a few years. However, adopting this diet can be a hassle for Indians since most of our staple foods naturally contain lots of gluten. However, cutting out gluten also reduces the amount of carbs while increase your fibre intake. This is the major beneficial aspect of the gluten-free diet. However, there are a few downsides. Self-planned Gluten-free diets could lack essential mineral nutrients like iron and calcium and important components of vitamin B like thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), folates (B9), etc. A professional dietary nutritionist could design a gluten-free diet that ensures that you do not miss out on any of the essential components of a healthy diet.

Diet Plan # 4: Alkaline

The alkaline diet is founded on the philosophy that most of our day-to-day foods produce too many acids in our body and must be replaced with alkaline foods instead to help restore its pH balance. However, experts will tell you that the body can regulate its own pH balance. Nonetheless, despite a somewhat questionable foundation, in practice, an alkaline diet does produce good results. This is largely because the diet forces you to cut down heavily on meats, processed wheat and other grains, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, etc. It recommends that up to 80% of your diet consist of vegetables and fruits. The remaining is to be filled with nuts, legumes, and seeds. This is not just an abundance of ‘alkaline’ food but simply good eating advice. Even if you do not go the extremes suggested by the diet, adopting a more balanced alkaline diet prepared by a professional nutritionist or dietician will help you sustain your nutritional needs without the need for supplements.

Diet Plan # 5: Paleo

Palaeolithic means of or relating to the Old Stone Age, a period when humans had first started using stones and sticks as tools. The Paleo or Palaeolithic diet focuses on eating unprocessed and raw foods that early humans of that age ate. The diet has a lot of very loyal supporters though some argue that man’s eating habits have changed considerably over the last few thousand years, and can no longer support that diet. Despite these doubts, the Paleo diet does have some merits with its focus on unprocessed foods. A modified Paleo diet could work for you but you may have to depend on supplements to fill in essential gaps in your nutrition. A qualified dietician could help such prepare a custom Paleo diet for you.

To get the most benefit from a nutrition consultant, it is essential to know what is expected of you as well as what you must expect of them. Keep the following points in mind when you set up your appointment.

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