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If the sound of guitar excites you and it’s all you want to do, take your interest to next level and learn guitar in Delhi. We, at UrbanClap, connect you with the experts providing best guitar lessons in Delhi. Learn from basics and become a master player under our experts’ guidance. We have professionals who value your enthusiasm and channel it towards your goals. They will help you learn guitar in every way possible and make learning guitar as easy as it can be. Best guitar lessons in Delhi are customised according to your skills by our expert guitar professionals in Delhi. Guitar lessons in Delhi made easy- by UrbanClap.

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Guitar is an amazing instrument. It’s easy to carry around, relatively inexpensive and not that difficult to learn. But if you really want to learn it, you’re going to have to work for it. It won’t happen overnight and will need a lot of practice to make you look like a star! So, these are some of the points you can keep in mind to follow while learning to play –

Taking the decision to learn something new is always very exciting and interesting. It’s new to us and that makes many of us start buying irrelevant things related to it without having a proper knowledge. Of course, you’ll have to buy a guitar if you don’t have one already and you’ll need to know what kind you need and what accessories to buy along with it. So, here’s a list of essentials you’ll need before you start learning how to play guitar –

Types of Guitar to buy:

i. Acoustic or Electric

This totally depends on what kind of music you see yourself playing. If you like soft and mellow music and want to play that style then go for an acoustic guitar but if you’re really in heavy metal and rock then go for an electric guitar. If you have no idea or like both kinds of music, then for beginners a nylon string acoustic is recommended at best. Don’t opt for steel string guitar right at the beginning as it can be very painful and you won’t be used to it. It might end up demotivating you.

ii. Brand and Price

Advice is to keep it very basic at first. There are many brands in the market but it is crazy to say that a Rs 20,000 worth guitar is 5 times better than a Rs 4000 one. It is all about the sound quality, yes. But you as a beginner might not be able to understand or appreciate the difference between the sound quality of normal guitar and a 40,000 Les Paul Standard. Good guitars start upwards of Rs. 5000 so you can opt for one of those in the beginning and can later jump onto a better piece once you have mastered some guitar-playing skills.

iii. Characteristics

Going to a musical shop can be very overwhelming and like any other shop, the salesmen here will load you with information about the kind of guitar you should buy. It can be very confusing for you in the beginning so just look for the basic features such as the size of the guitar being compatible to your body size and that it should feel easy to reach around the neck.


There will be many accessories that you’ll need to or want to buy as your level of expertise increases but here is a list of some of those accessories that you could buy at the beginning:

i. Picks (Buy quite a few as one tends to misplace them often) ii. Guitar tuner iii. Spare strings iv. Cleaning cloth or spray v. Strand vi. Capo (not necessarily required essentially) vii. Amplifier (if you buy an electric guitar)

Extra Learning material

If you taking guitar classes, then your guitar teacher will definitely provide you with learning material for you to study and practice from when they are not around since practice is the most important part. But apart from those, you can always find other stuff that could prove to be useful and help you learn guitar faster and in more interesting ways. You can find such stuff here –

i. YouTube

It is the ultimate guide. Absolutely everything can be found on the internet and when it comes to learning something, there’s nothing better than YouTube. You can easily find experts recording tricks and tutorials or just telling their story of how they learnt to play the guitar. It’s always helpful to know an experienced person’s journey and learn from them.

ii. Books

Books can be very helpful at times when you don’t have internet to help you. Also you can carry them around even when you don’t have your Guitar with you and read it to learn the chords and notes. Books can be very specific when compared to the internet but is also limited. You can buy books for beginners that will have information about the basic and easy chords and beginner strumming patterns along with books that has songs which can be played only with the basic chords. This way you’ll be able to play some songs along with learning and it’ll keep it interesting for you.

iii. DVDs

We’ve all forgotten about DVDs in this Netflix and YouTube era but not all videos found on YouTube are good. Most of them are teaching the wrong techniques and shortcuts to play music. If you want to really learn the theory part of it as well and go a long way with your Guitar then you’ll have to actually learn it and not just jump onto replicating some person on YouTube playing a song. Buy a good quality DVD with good beginners content because watching people play and slowly explain the techniques is important to learning.

Become a rock star, learn to play the Guitar

Music – the food for soul. It’s always around us in ways we might not even realise. Deep down we all have a music idol that inspires us to be like them. We’ve all wanted to be just a little more closer to our musical side. Do you picture yourself rocking the strings of a guitar on stage, singing your heart out? It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially if you get the right guidance! We, at UrbanClap, have teamed up with professional guitar teachers who will help learn how to play this special musical instrument from the convenience of your home. These home tutors will come to your location at your preferred time and teach you how to play the guitar.

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