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Whether you’re getting your entire home or office built, or only parts of it, you require the help of an experienced and reliable construction company in Gurgaon. Luckily for you, UrbanClap provides the best builders in Gurgaon, each of whom have carefully verified backgrounds, a minimum work experience of 2 years, and have completed at least 20 projects, backed by positive references. All you have to do is browse through our list of residential construction companies in Gurgaon on the UrbanClap website or app, and find the one that suits your need best.

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Hiring Guide for Construction and Renovation Services

In this busy world, nobody has the time to devote to constructions and renovations. These tedious processes require a lot of time, and thus sometimes are a hassle to the urban world. It is very difficult to manage different types of people, and supervise every process that is taking place. Hiring an architect or a designer helps, but most people don’t really trust their contractors to execute the work. UrbanClap gives you a platform to hire your own contractors based on the work you want them to do. You can hire a contractor for constructing something from scratch or just remodelling your previous space. You can also choose between contractors who specialise in certain kinds of tasks like woodwork, civil work etc.

Know what you’re looking for

Contractors are people who execute the architectural layouts and designs while constructing or renovating a certain space. They coordinate and hire vendors for specialised tasks and make sure that the work is carried out smoothly. You can broadly choose between construction contractors and home renovation contractors, depending on the project. The hiring cost depends on whether you choose to supply your own material or want the contractor to take care of the material along with the execution. You can choose the contractor based on the space that needs to be constructed/renovated, i.e. Residential, Commercial or Retail.

Contractors who specialise in certain kinds of work are also available. You can look for contractors who have an expertise in Woodwork, False ceiling, Waterproofing, Painting, Plumbing, Civil Work etc. General contractors who take over turnkey projects and handle all kinds of work are also available.

Setting the right expectations

We promise to connect you with the best professionals in New Delhi that in turn provide you first-class service. The entire project cost and expected time for completion of work can be talked about with the professional itself. You can review and compare quotations, before choosing what’s best for you.

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