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Are things in life not working according to your needs? You are putting a lot of effort but are not satisfied with the result. Maybe its time you consult an astrologer in Delhi for the best astrology in Delhi and look for various possibilities. UrbanClap provides you with a one-stop solution for hiring astrologers in Delhi, experienced in various fields such as Tarot, Vastu, Horoscope etc. According to your requirement, we provide you the most relevant astrologers for the best astrology in Delhi. UrbanClap's astrologers in Delhi are verified and are taken through stringent quality checks before getting on board with us, and our best astrologers in Delhi guarantee the best astrology in Delhi. So, connect with us as we offer you the best astrology in Delhi by the best astrologers in Delhi.

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Consult an astrologer and get guidance to solve all your problems!Astrology, the study of the alignment and movements of celestial objects and their respective effect on our affairs, is an ancient art practiced all over the. An astrologer gives you a non-judgmental overview of who you are, your ‘natal reading’, and the transits and progressions in your life. With the use of birth charts and the reading of planetary orbits, astrologers can translate to you important life questions and answers and guide you through the right actions that you should undertake. Astrology isn’t an exact science, nor is it magic, but it is often seen as an alternate solution in situations when a person needs an extra nudge or a little help to see things clearly. While horoscopes in newspapers, magazines and online sites may not be accurate, you can get customized answers for every area of your life, including business, relationships and health, among others when you consult the best astrologers in Delhi on UrbanClap.

Some of the most common questions people ask astrologers

Questions you should not ask an astrologer

Astrologers answer a variety of questions every time, ranging from essential ones to quirky. Although astrologers are people who use informal, mostly non-scientific divination tools to help people through difficult times in life, yet there are a range of questions that cannot be answered even by a professional astrologer. Mostly this is not about the questions asked but the way they are asked and the expectations that linger within the answers. So it is better to know what you can really ask an astrologer so that you can avoid things that you shouldn’t ask.  Here is a list of questions that you should never ask an astrologer:

Things to keep in mind when visiting an astrologer

Astrology is not an exact science; it is a system of subtle symbolism with interpretative results just as varied as those who practice it. There is a certain magical realism attached to the art of astrology, a brief glimpse of understanding the self with promises to answers in humanity. Astrology is one of the alternative approaches that tend to be an accepted genre, as almost everyone is more or less concerned about their horoscope. There is a certain art in visiting the astrologer; which is like signing up for a workshop or attending a lecture, where the information which is treated as knowledge could apply to anybody. Astrology has an arena of misconceptions within its ambit. Visiting an astrologer often helps provide explanations into some fundamental aspects about self, the role of stars and planetary orbits playing a role in influencing your actions, making you travel inward to find answers. It helps clarify and explain your actions, why you did certain things, why certain things did happen and why as you think certain things will. Horoscopes are not always accurate as astrology is dependent on a single person’s time and place of birth, and one cannot give an accurate description of what will happen to the whole world of Libras! Astrology is however quite helpful in figuring out things regarding your career, travel, love and relationships etc. An appointment with an astrologer is often a consciousness-raising dialogue. An astrologer is often a person with great knowledge about philosophy and understanding of human consciousness and complexities. An astrologer is hence more fit as a guide in how to live a better life and problem-solving. With the help of charts, the astrologer could do this. In the end it is all about beliefs and faith, a certain spirituality that binds the astrologer to the seeker/customer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when seeing an astrologer in Delhi:

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