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Best Yoga Classes At Home in Ahmedabad

Best Yoga Classes At Home in Ahmedabad
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UrbanClap's here to make you fit with thousands of the best yoga trainers in Ahmedabad, who are eagerly waiting to help you with all your power yoga and weight loss yoga needs in Ahmedabad. With so many options, you are bound to find one of your taste, whether you’re the introvert who’d prefer having a personal yoga trainer at home in Ahmedabad, or the socialite who’d rather attend group classes at the best yoga studio in Ahmedabad. Since we have the most experienced yoga instructors in Ahmedabad with us, we assure you the best. So, stop waiting, and contact us now to book the yoga teacher near you!!!


229 Yoga Instructors at Home in Ahmedabad

  • DevaunshiDevaunshi
    29/30, Pushpkunj, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380043, India
    (28 reviews)
    • r

      She is great in her job. She worked on my mom for her physical fitness any result were pretty good. Her nature is so warm that if feels like you are working with a family member.👍

    • r

      She is great in her job. She worked on my mom for her physical fitness any result were pretty good. Her nature is so warm that if feels like you are working with a family member.👍

  • Vaishali ShahVaishali Shah
    Vaishali Shah
    Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007, India
    (23 reviews)
    • v

      Vaishali Shah has been my fitness trainer for some time now, and I am really happy with the way she has been teaching me. I wanted to learn yoga for general fitness, and she is guiding me really well. For me, she is the best yoga trainer that anyone can get. I would recommend her to all.

    • s

      Very good knowledge for yoga . Experience with details. Very patience lady. Knowledge in chakra v. Gud. So everything excellent

  • Dr.  Krishna shah Dr.  Krishna shah
    Dr. Krishna shah
    Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (18 reviews) Hired 7 times on UrbanClap
    • c

      I met with spinal injury. I started treatment with her in 2013. With first session I felt very comfortable and trust on her for my improvement. Every session was followed by assessment and treatment. Dr. Krishna motivated me for my life . finally I am very happy with her hardwork and my improvement.

    • c

      I met with spinal injury. I started treatment with her in 2013. With first session I felt very comfortable and trust on her for my improvement. Every session was followed by assessment and treatment. Dr. Krishna motivated me for my life . finally I am very happy with her hardwork and my improvement.

  • All About YogaAll About Yoga
    All About Yoga
    (14 reviews)
    • j

      Miss. Sapna is a very professional yoga teacher, she helped me teach different asans and was always really professional and supporting in teaching me everything, she charged me Rs. 200 per class and the it was absolutely worth every penny, i would recommend Miss Sapna to everyone as she is a very nice yoga teacher

    • r

      i started practicing yoga last year with tejwani. In a matter of 4 months i could feel good results. My lifestyle improved and i became more efficient in my work. apart from yoga, tejwani ji also gave suggestions on diet and daily practices. i spent about 15000 in total and it was worth it.

  • Manali DavraManali Davra
    Manali Davra
    (12 reviews)
    • d

      she is an excellent yoga trainer. While Ayurveda and yoga is the perfect combination, Manali has both the expertise.

    • n

      Best yoga trainer with cool and enthusiast personality with well good ayurveda consultant...!

  • Chitra RajChitra Raj
    Chitra Raj
    Nigam Nagar, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382424, India
    (11 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • k

      The best Yoga classes. Excellent demonstration. Systematic teaching. Narration of each ASANA with simple steps. Special care to Senior Citizen. Very prompt in timely organising the classes. Overall I rate her classes as the best. I wish her all success.

    • v

      The best Yoga classes. Excellent demonstration. Systematic teaching. Narration of each ASANA with simple steps. Special care to Senior Citizen. Very prompt in timely organising the classes. Overall I rate her classes as the best. I wish her all success.

  • Maneeta KachhwahaManeeta Kachhwaha
    Maneeta Kachhwaha
    (10 reviews)
    • s

      An excellent certificate teacher! Will surely get a change in u! She is Worth it!

    • s

      An excellent teacher! Will surely get a change in you! She is Worth it!

  • Rudra Yoga SansthanRudra Yoga Sansthan
    Rudra Yoga Sansthan
    (9 reviews) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • d

      He is a very nice yoga instructor with whom I have been practicing yoga for the past 1 year. I hired him for genral body fitness and he really helped me improve my overall body fitness. He has in depth knowledge of all the yoga asanas. I will recommend him to others as well.

    • k

      He is a very calm and a serene personality. He has great knowledge of all the yoga asanas. He has helped me lose 5 kg of body fat in a period of 1.5 months. I will highly recommend him to others as well.

  • Jaysinh ChavdaJaysinh Chavda
    Jaysinh Chavda
    Memnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (8 reviews)
    • r

      I would rate him 5 on 5 on everything, be it his knowledge or his way of tackling his clients. He has got an amazing personality and I am very happy with his service.

    • p

      I have had a very good experience with him. My husband and I both took classes from him and we are very satisfied with his services. He is very knowledgeable and has very good experience. He knows all asanas and has been a great inspiration to all of us.

  • Anant BhardwajAnant Bhardwaj
    Anant Bhardwaj
    (8 reviews)
    • s

      I am new to yoga as had been a serious gym goer for all the gone years..as i considered yoga slow 😬...however anant is the one who has introduced me to deep knowledge of yoga and how it helps us physically and spiritually In his gentle yet firm manner , anant has further helped me realise my own potential and stretch myself beyond what I thought were my limits , each time giving me new insights and introducing me to new and different asanas and attitudes , hence giving me a deeper understanding of this journey. I wish him peace of mind and joy in his own journey of self. Have a great future ahead 😀

    • m

      I had an amazing experience with Anant sir. i took his services for arounf 7-8 months. classes were held on alternate days. he is a experienced yoga teacher, and was very professional in his approach. He used to teach me some asanas like surya namaskar and chandrasana. He also gave me a diet plan. I will recommend his name if you want to learn yoga from an amazing teacher.

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based on 166 ratings

    Sorry for late response ma'am.. I m very happy to tell u I almost reduce 7 to 8k.g in 2month to follow your diet plan and yoga training.....wow Thanks for your best training Sweta I feel refresh now.. hahaha U r very positive and energetic person..


    Very good yoga therapist, one of the best teacher for Pranayam and Asanas....good experience of learning yoga....getting better in the health of physic and mental which helps me in my spiritual journey a lot. feeling blessed to hire him because getting benefited and purpose of yoga is being fulfilled and will be accomplished even in future...


    I had really good experience with her, she not only made sure my target was achieved,but even explained me importance of each assan along with the pressure it will casue. The meditation session is must try with her.


    She is the best yoga teacher. She is highly committed and very punctual. Thanks to her dedication, my wife and I regularly do yoga. She encourages us to push our limits. She also understands how tired we are and modifies the yoga exercises accordingly. Thanks ma'am.


    Very good and helpful.


    Good in nature and best service, Digvilas is good at Yog Nidra and his Breathing technique makes me relaxed. All over a good Yog Trainer.

Reviews received in last 365 days ( Last updated on 06:00, 17 August, 2019 )
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Hiring Guide

Personal training has its own numerous advantages. When it comes to a personal yoga instructor at home, it comes with its own perks. Get your ‘why’ answered from the below points.

We are aware of the fact that working women face more severe health issues than that of the men due to work and home responsibilities. Find below how yoga can come to the rescue when followed as a routine.

Improved Appearance and Posture

A thing that bothers women most is how their appearance seem to others. Yoga has a hidden advantage which enhances one’s overall body language. Yoga inculcates body awareness and muscles engagement one might otherwise neglect with times come by. For such instances, yoga helps in naturally contracting the core stabilizing muscles and standing tall and results in helping you look more healthy and confident. Moreover, it is a believed science that the better your posture, the more your chances of looking thinner increases. Apart from one’s poses and appearance, yoga directly correlates with weight maintenance as well. The modern women’s growing concern towards weight loss has yoga to answer its queries. Following a rigorous yoga training eventually burns calories (only if followed under expert supervision). With all the positive aura that yoga training creates, you start noticing the changes in your body. Followed by which, you also make healthy and wholesome food choices for yourself rather than eating anything and everything.

Soothes the Hormonal Imbalance

Due to stress, unhealthy food choices, improper digestion, problems in maintaining a routine, pollution and many such inner and outer sources; women find it difficult to have balanced hormonal changes. Such hormonal changes result into early menopause, excessive periods, disturbed period cycle, weight gain or loss and much more yoga significantly tried to stabilize the chakras present in our body and soothes the hormonal imbalance over time. Following a yoga routine turns out to become a great help in navigating the most disturbed feelings of women’s period cycle and eases contractions of the uterus that are the root cause of cramps. A regular yoga training sessions under the guidance of qualified yoga instructor helps other distressful side effects experienced through hormonal shifts, including sleep deprived ness, stress, depression and frequent changes in moods. Yoga practices help women with mental focus, so they’re less forgetful and may even calm themselves enough to help level out an imbalanced menstrual cycle.

Fights Anxiety and Stress

Yoga training builds concentration and which eventually results in attracting positive energy. The holistic transformation your body and mind go through when a regular yoga practice is being followed, our brain tends to release a ‘happy chemical’. This chemical fights the feeling anxiety in a woman’s body. Moreover, if we talk about the stressed life that today’s generation is facing, yoga has a vital role to play here as well. Research conducted by Psychiatry and Neuroscience in 2015 showed that women face more depression than men. To fight the stress, one must at least undergo yoga for two months. You’ll be able to feel the difference by then. Make yoga training a routine in your life and stay positive from mind and body!

Manages Weight

The primary concern for women and even for younger girls nowadays is extreme weight gain conditions. Staying fit should be anyone’s prime focus, but with tempting food choices and improper digestion; health conditions start deteriorating in early age. Women who can’t practice heavy workouts tend to turn towards yoga training as their saviors. It sure is the savior if followed with proper guidance and instructions and this is where qualified yoga trainers are called for. Yoga training improves metabolism and helps digestion system to work better. This helps in maintaining weight and keeps obesity away. Yoga makes room for your muscles and improves flexibility. The results don’t show up overnight, but it sure lasts once seen.

Treats Joint Pains

Low mineral bone density in women is a serious threat today. At a very young age (around 35) women are suffering from weak bones and less relativity to strengthen the muscular gaps. Low body movement in yoga classes helps women with joint pains. People with arthritis nowadays opt yoga as a cure for their joint pains. A review published in Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America in the year 2011 showed that practicing yoga two times a week helped alleviate swollen and tender joints in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Yoga training is an ideal activity for women suffering from these conditions, and it also provides relief from painful symptoms for a more comfortable life. If your prime focus is to get relief from such joint pains, then yoga training with a certified trainer is a must. You can only trust an expert who is aware of all the yoga asanas for such health conditions.

Improved flexibility, better sleep, weight loss, curing joint pain, and relaxation are few of the common interests of yoga which applies to both men and women. As we have already seen the particular benefits of yoga in a woman’s life, let’s move further towards what Yoga does to men.

Improved Sex Life

We’re all aware of the fact that Yoga training improves flexibility and thus, one can perform better sex. But how it is specific to men? The answer to this question is, when a man regularly conducts yoga, his muscles start to build and stay strong even in the old days. This directly correlates with the erection. Men who tend to do yoga are believed to less suffer from the erectile dysfunction. Thus it said that men with a routine yoga training enjoy a healthy sex life even at an elder age. The men who find yoga as a woman’s department should at least now give it a start already, right!

Increases Productivity and Creativity

The fierce competition at workplaces now demands much more out of people than before. Rising technology eases human work but at the same time increases the burden of staying in the race with latest and newest business approaches. Generally, men find it challenging to adopt changes than women do and moreover, they’re hesitant to share their inner feelings. It directly affects their productivity at work. Yoga training has an energy attached to it and men who follow it has found it easy to cope with the new changes and to give in their inputs. Meditation and yoga improve concentration power; followed by which creativity and productivity at workplace flow.

Helps Building Muscles

If you’re one of those guys who thinks only lifting weights and eating protein can gain your muscles, then you’re profoundly mistaken. A well-trained yoga person can also obtain muscles like any other gym guy. Yoga strengthens your bones and gives you density to hold more. It eventually makes you strong. Adequately done yoga postures requires a lot of power than expected and this is the reason for gaining muscles. When you regularly practice yoga, you start building muscles. The purpose of joining yoga training should be clear in your mind from the very first session itself. Thus, if you’re looking forward to a better muscular growth, you should hire such yoga trainer only.

Helps Building Muscles

If you’re one of those guys who thinks only lifting weights and eating protein can gain your muscles, then you’re profoundly mistaken. A well-trained yoga person can also obtain muscles like any other gym guy. Yoga strengthens your bones and gives you density to hold more. It eventually makes you strong. Adequately done yoga postures requires a lot of power than expected and this is the reason for gaining muscles. When you regularly practice yoga, you start building muscles. The purpose of joining yoga training should be clear in your mind from the very first session itself. Thus, if you’re looking forward to a better muscular growth, you should hire such yoga trainer only.

Improves Overall Health

Regular Yoga training helps to improve the holistic health. It makes the immune system work better and ignites the better digestion system with time. The stronger your immune system is, the more healthy you stay. Most parts of our body are dependent either on the immune system or the digestion, and yoga keep them both healthy and happy. In a man’s body, yoga keeps the positive energy alive so that their entire body feels rejuvenated and relished.


Studies have revealed that particular yoga postures for 8 to 10 minutes a day increases the T-scale ranking into a human’s body. In simple terms, increased T-scale ranking have direct correlations with the bone density. Men who follow a yoga routine in their regular life have more chances to stronger bones and fit muscles. The yoga asanas for bones are related to osteoporosis and thus called as yoga for osteoporosis.

  • They know their work better: The yoga instructor has the knowledge and experience of training other people. They know what poses to use when someone is a beginner or with a stiff body and when someone is suffering from diabetes or blood pressure. Yoga has many benefits as mentioned above but the effect only shows up when it is performed with professional yoga trainers.

  • Ease of time and space: When you decide to hire a yoga trainer at home, you take the ball in your court. You got to choose the time and place suitable for your yoga training. Away from crowded sessions at the gym or yoga classes and without having to wake up early, you get your appropriate time span and place where you can perform the yoga poses which entirely complies to you.

  • Level of comfort: Many of us might feel ashamed to ask twice or thrice when a problematic yoga pose (which others find easy to perform) is taught at the yoga classes. Due to crowd and anxiety, we avoid to ask and continue doing the poses with wrong postures or breathing pattern. The level of comfort which we seek is possible when you hire a personal yoga instructor. You can ask anytime without any hesitation when it's just you and the yoga instructor.

  • One-on-one attention: Yoga is an art of right body postures and appropriate breathing activity. If we’re doing any of these wrong, then we are missing from the true essence of the yoga classes. When the yoga instructor is hired at home, he/she has the full attention of your body movements only. He/she can quickly identify if you’re doing a pose wrong or feeling it difficult to perform. This one-on-one attention is only possible when you hire a personal yoga trainer.

  • Qualified skills and customized services: There are certified yoga courses to become a yoga instructor. Anyone can’t just learn few yoga asanas and start teaching. Yoga has different modules which one needs to pass to become a certified yoga trainer. When you hire a personal yoga instructor, you have every right to ask for their certification, experience and qualification.

Best Yoga Trainers at Home in Ahmedabad

People have lately understood the core benefits of Yoga and have moved towards the yoga asanas. With emerging pressure at work and pollution in the cities, we are facing severe health issues. Due to lack of proper food intake and pure air, health measures are deteriorating day by day. Yoga may be slow in the process, but the effects come forward sooner or later. The health of people demands one such healthy indulgence with which they are benefited in the long run.

Yoga at home might sound infatuating and comfortable, but there’s a lot more professional guidance required which we are mostly unaware of. There are phases which you need to pass to professionally run yoga classes. Anyone who can perform a few asanas and has knowledge of a beginner can't just become a yoga instructor. If you are looking for a certified yoga trainer at home with a minimum experience of 2 years in teaching yoga in Ahmedabad, then UrbanClap is your one-stop destination for the same. With people’s search for exceptional services at their doorstep and service providers’ struggle for finding good customers, UrbanClap has created a platform where both, service seeker and the provider can come together at a common platform and ask for what they are looking for.

To take this further, let us check out some of the essential benefits of yoga in a human’s life. Following a healthy routine where yoga training is involved for over 4 to 5 sessions a week, leads to a disease free, wholesome life. However, it depends on the yoga training you get and how rigorously you’re becoming a fond yoga follower. Benefits of yoga have different symptoms as it is visible into a male’s body to it is into a female’s. Have a keen look towards the same.

Now that the prominent benefits of yoga are clear in everyone’s mind let us move forward to the yoga asanas. A brief introduction to few of the famous yoga asanas and the sheer magic they create when followed with full instructions and proper postures. Following are the most common, most easy to perform and most beneficial yoga asanas for the beginners.

1. Kapalbhati Yoga Asana

The most known amongst all is ‘Kapalbhati Pranayama’. The best breathing yoga asana which can cure most stomach related illness. If performed under the expert supervision and with proper breathing activity, Kapalbhati can turn out to be the most detoxifying exercise. To accomplish this pose, you need to take a deep breath from your stomach and release the air with full pressure on the small duration of times. (taking out your stomach in an out everytime you release a breath) Benefits: Kapalbhati improves metabolism, helps to reduce weight (especially belly fat), cures asthma, constipation, acidity, diabetes and many such respiratory troubles.

2. Baddha Konasana Yoga (The Bound Angle Pose)

Are you one of those who feels the pain in their butt after sitting in a same position or place for a more extended period of time? Then Baddha Konasana is for you. To perform this asana, you need to spread your legs wide as you make a posture like a bow. Join your feet together, and you’re done. The best pose to start as a beginner. Benefits: This yoga asana releases the sciatic nerve present in the lower back. It cures the pain of sitting for a long time and prevents it from returning.

3. Tadasana (The Mountain Pose)

The simplest of them all is the Tadasana. This yoga pose is perfect for those who want to try their hand in initial basis. Tadasana is performed with a standing position in which you just have to take your hands up, join them above your head (as you do ‘namaste’) and bend it from the elbow. Stand for 5 minutes. Benefits: Tadasana is widely performed for the height increment. Apart from this, it's a great way to massage your hands, spine, shoulder and entire body.

4. Slow Neck Stretches

When you learn yoga in its most simple form, they start with the neck stretches. The most commonly know and performed actions which are not really known as a yoga asana is the left and right neck stretches. You can perform it while standing or sitting with crossed legs as well. Just slowly start motioning your neck from left to centre and then right to centre with easy stretches. Benefits: It eases the neck sprain and gives relaxation to the spinal cord.

5. Balasana (The Child’s Pose)

The most relaxing pose after a heavy workout or after an exhausting day to perform is a child’s pose. Sit with both your legs folded backwards and stretched both the hands above in the air. Pull the hands forward and lean your head on the floor. Rest your hands atop your head and be relaxed in balasana. Benefits:It stretches and relaxes the spine. One can perform this calming pose in bed as well, and it strengthens thighs, ankles and hips.

These are just five of many yoga asanas that are easy to perform. Different scenarios demand different cure, and likewise, there are distinct yoga asanas for different requirements. There are different yoga poses for diabetes or blood pressure control and then there are poses which are effective for weight loss. Such knowledge of the right posture and proper pose is available only with the certified yoga instructor. One should not try any abrupt yoga asanas without the supervision of an expert.

There are many internationally qualified yoga trainers available to share their precious knowledge, and there is end number of yoga enthusiasts who really want to learn and practice yoga. But there was a missing inter-link between these two who can bind them together and get them at a common platform. Fortunately, UrbanClap has become that missing link and has started to cater such services in major cities of India including Ahmedabad. You can possibly find few of the best yoga trainers in Ahmedabad with UrbanClap. Checkout the reasons why you should trust UC for your need of a yoga instructor in Ahmedabad.

With UC it has become simple to ask for any services at home in Ahmedabad. There’s a reason we call ourself ‘Service Experts’.

You are just a few steps away to get a totally balanced life with yoga in it. Get rid of your muscular pain, unwanted fat, ingestion, anxiety, sleepless nights and joint problems. Below is the step wise guide on how you can hire a yoga trainer at home with few a clicks on your mobile or computer.

  • Step 1: There are multiple ways by which you can reach us. Either you can visit our website i.e. www.urbanclap.com or you can download our mobile application named UrbanClap from Google play as well as the app store (Apple users).

  • Step 2: After entering Ahmedabad in the location you can search for ‘Yoga Trainer at Home’ or ‘Yoga at Studio’ in the search bar and select the option according to your need. We will help you find the best yoga trainer near your area.

  • Step 3: A pop-up box asking you some questions will appear which will shortlist best suitable yoga trainers according to your convenient place (home or at a studio), age group and gender. You can also specify the purpose of your yoga training as weight loss, meditation, for improving a medical condition (diabetes, blood pressure etc.) or pre/post natal yoga training. (as it complies your condition and need)

  • Step 4: After answering the questions and selecting the suitable options, a pop up window featuring UC assurances will open. It will assure you for a traila session, certified professionals and result oriented approach. Click next to go further with the selection process for your yoga trainer.

  • Step 5: After entering your requirements, you’ll be asked for your gender and age group that you fall in.

  • Step 6: After selecting your gender and age group, you will asked or a suitable time slot for your yoga session. You need to select minimum 2 time slots which complies you the best (or select flexible timings if time slots are not a concern for you) and click next.

  • Step 7: The next window will be of budget. We have 5 different budget categories for yoga instructors. As per your requirement of basic trainers, experienced trainers or top class trainers; we have bifurcated the pricing. You need to select one and click next.

  • Step 8: Once you choose the monthly session budget, a confirmation window on how soon you need the yoga trainer will pop-up. Select as per your convenience and push next.

  • Step 9: The last few windows will ask you for your approval for whatsapp and message suggestions and the area you are looking for.

  • Step 10: Once you get through the final selection and approve with you selected choices, nearby yoga trainers will directly contact you. Done!

  • And you are ready to enjoy our best yoga services at your home. Take care of your body with UrbanClap’s experts and have a great experience!

  • Experienced and professional: With UrbanClap, you can have the surety of professionalism! We qualify only the certified and experienced yoga trainers for you. Our criteria for signing up as a yoga instructor requires minimum 2 years of experience in teaching. We directly take the feedback from the customers to rate the services given by our yoga trainers. Thus, you’ll get professional and only the best yoga trainers across Ahmedabad.

  • Extremely cost effective: UC provides services which are affordable to all class of people. Our rates are nominal enough for everyone to ask what they want. Yoga trainers we provide comes with trial sessions, and you can always choose the number of sessions per week. The type of yoga training depends on your need and so as the charges per session.

  • Find that suits you best: UrbanClap lets you decide what exactly are you looking for. We have yoga trainers for each age group and each requirement. We cater yoga instructors for kids, yoga classes for ladies, for older people and much more. We customize your sessions as per your need. There may be a specific requirement for lady yoga instructor to a yoga instructor with a minimum of 5 years of experience, you might ask for a yoga instructor for curing blood pressure, diabetes to someone who can help you manage your weight. UC has a set of questions; which directly connects you to the one you need.

  • UrbanClap Guarantee: When you hire a yoga instructor in Ahmedabad from UC, he/she comes with a set of safeguards. We call it the UC guarantee! Our yoga trainers are bound to behave and act in a specific manner. We take timely feedback from the customers, and if you’re unhappy the services or find and misconduct in the yoga trainers behaviors, you can directly contact us.

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