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Best RO Repair Service in Ahmedabad
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Put an end to your search for the best RO repair service in Ahmedabad! Hire experienced RO repair service experts near you to take care of your RO water filter! At UrbanClap, we offer you a platform to look for experts providing best RO repair service in Ahmedabad with just a few clicks! So, sit back and relax! UrbanClap certified professionals in RO repair service near you, have come to your rescue! ...


51 RO and Water Purifier Repair Service Professionals in Ahmedabad

  • Kashyap Dave
    Kashyap Dave
    Adalaj Choki, Ahmedabad - Patan Highway Road, Adalaj, Gujarat, India
  • Bharat Vala
    Bharat Vala
    Income Tax Circle, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (1069 ratings) 398 times rated 5 star
    • j

      Done excellent work and guided satisfactory.

    • r

      Best in work , love ut

  • Saiyad Mohammad Aazam
    Saiyad Mohammad Aazam
    Vejalpur Police Station, Sanklit Nagar, Juhapura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (644 ratings) Hired 33 times on UrbanClap
    • b

      He was good and professional in his approach

    • d

      Very knowledgeable and explained us clearly regarding the alkaline benefits of water. We need technicians like him to make us aware.

  • Ketan Gajjar
    Ketan Gajjar
    Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (587 ratings) 173 times rated 5 star
    • y

      Perfect work n talking nature

    • a

      Nice behaviour very fast worker i call his next time surely

  • Mahesh G Sonara
    Mahesh G Sonara
    Vejalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (494 ratings) Hired 167 times on UrbanClap
    • d

      The technician did very good service, but somehow the performance has dropped.

    • s

      It is excellent service. Nice work done by Mahesh Bhai.

  • Shehzad Pathan
    Shehzad Pathan
    Dariyapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (483 ratings) Hired 144 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Good, but cleaning is due which he promomised to do but phone not reachable

    • j

      Very good in communication. Service oriented person. Spare parts & Filter Result can be justify after usage of 1 month.

  • Chirag Rathod
    Chirag Rathod
    Jivraj Park, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (345 ratings) Hired 68 times on UrbanClap
    • c

      He done amazing job and everything is done professionally

    • v

      Good work. But used supplies of my home without asking.

  • Shaikh Junaid
    Shaikh Junaid
    Juhapura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (315 ratings) Hired 92 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      I feel there should be a checklist, that tells, what all things are going to be checked. What all precautions need to be taken for best output. These are in general comments. Overall service experience was good.

    • u

      Good service and clean all machine good job

  • Jatin Pandit
    Jatin Pandit
    Gheekanta, Bhadra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (215 ratings)
    • m

      Professional and on time Issue solved

    • n

      Good Co operation and explanation

  • Rajesh Kumar Ratanlal Jagetiya
    Rajesh Kumar Ratanlal Jagetiya
    Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (192 ratings)
    • a

      Very professional and best to his knowledge for the R.O system.

    • v


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    Good, supportive person. On the job done let's see after few days.


    Very good and prompt


    Mr.Dharmesh has done his work very satisfactory and give suggestion for maintain machine👍🏻


    Excellent service done... Nice job


    Behaviour was very friendly. And service found satisfactory.


    Excellent work and proper guidance of future usage... impressed by his work🍾

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does TDS stands for?

    TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It is indicative of the purity of the water. TDS < 10% in drinking water is healthy

  • How often should I service my RO water purifier?

    Regular servicing is recommended every 3-6 months even if the TDS of the water is less than 10%

  • How often should I do a comprehensive service of my RO water purifier?

    Comprehensive servicing is recommended every 9-12 months or if the TDS of the water is more than 10%

  • What does regular RO service include?

    Regular servicing includes cleaning of all filters and change of Pre-Filter Candle

  • What does comprehensive RO service include?

    Comprehensive service includes change of Pre-Filter Candle, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter and Membranes

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All About RO Repair

RO Repair in Ahmedabad

RO is one of the most under-appreciated appliances in your kitchen. It is the only appliance that provides you with drinkable water in the house since the tap water carries many impurities. Since the water-borne diseases are rampant these days, it is important that you take good care of your water purifier or RO machine. Regular maintenance and repair can help your RO give you clean water for years to come. You can easily avail RO repair services in Ahmedabad from UrbanClap.

4 Common Problems with the RO Water Purifiers

Water purifiers have a multitude of filters and membranes that work together to remove impurities such as germs, dirt, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. from water and make it safe for consumption. Here are a few of the common problems with RO water purifiers:

  • The RO has stopped working: If your RO is not giving a response when you turn on the switch then the main power supply cable or PCB may be at fault and need to be repaired. If the light is not turning on then it may be a problem with the electricity connection to your RO. The transformer or capacitor are more prone to faults on a PCB and need to be replaced immediately. However, if the light is turning on then the problem might be with one of the filters or membranes inside the RO machine. They might be compressed and need to be cleaned or replaced.

  • The water has a bad odour/taste: If the filter or membrane in your RO is choked then there is a possibility that the water from the purifier will have a bad taste or give out a bad odour. This is because a choked membrane will not be able to function to its capacity. In these cases, the filter or membrane need to be replaced. If you have just installed an RO and facing this problem then simply draining out the tank completely at least once when you switch it on for the first time can solve the problem. Once the tank is clean the taste and smell will disappear.

  • The water flow is too low: If you notice that the water flow from your RO is slow then you first need to check the water supply. If there is some problem with the water supply then nothing can be done to the RO machine to change the water flow. You may need to contact the concerned authorities. However, if the water supply is fine then the low water flow can be an indication of a choked filter or high TDS levels in the water supply. If the TDS level is high, like in the rainy season, then you will have to wait for it to come to normal levels to see the water flow improve. If the TDS levels are fine then it indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. (TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and is an indicator of the purity of water. The lower it is, the healthier the water is to drink. TDS < 10 % in the drinking water is considered to be healthy.)

  • The water is leaking: If the RO is not installed properly or the unit is not tight enough because of regular use then water may start to leak from your RO machine. Then, it is important to check the connections and tighten them when necessary. Since excessive pressure can damage the filters and membranes, it is recommended to hire professional RO repair services. They will inspect the machine to find out the reason behind water leakage and then repair the machine to rectify the problem.

Why is it Important to Avail RO Repair Services Regularly?

  • Access to Clean Drinking Water: Regular repair ensures that your RO machine works well and gives you cleaner drinking water. Tap water contains plenty of impurities and contaminants that can become a source of water-borne diseases and infections.

  • Prevents Contaminants from Altering the Taste of Food and Drinks: Different contaminants including heavy metals in the water can alter the taste of food and drinks such as tea and coffee that you make using it. By getting your RO serviced regularly, you can enjoy your food and beverages true to taste.

  • Reduces the Levels of Chemicals in Water: Heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals can seep into the water pipelines and wreak a havoc on your body if you ingest them. Unless you avail RO repair services regularly, your RO machine can become less effective at filtering out these chemicals and contaminants from water and affect your body when you consume it.

  • Makes Your RO Last a Long Time: Regular service ensures that the filters and membranes in your RO machine work well and last you a long time. They also provide you with cleaner drinking water when they are serviced regularly and keep the filters clean so that they need not be replaced regularly.

What are the RO Repair Services Offered by UrbanClap?

  • Installation and Uninstallation: We offer professional installation and uninstallation services of your RO or water purifier. If you are shifting houses, you can avail our combo offer of uninstallation and installation services as well.

  • Service: We, at UrbanClap, also offer servicing of RO machine and water filters in Ahmedabad. Our services include cleaning the water filters, RO machine and tank. During the service, our professionals also change filters if required. This helps in maintaining the health of your purifier and helps you get high-quality drinkable water from your RO machine.

  • Repair: From a complete check-up of your RO to repair services, UrbanClap offers it all. Our professionals repair your RO components and replace them when necessary to make sure that your RO provides you pure water for years to come. We offer branded spare parts at 40% lower prices than the market rate.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Offers Lowest Price Guarantee: We offer our RO repair services in Ahmedabad at lowest prices. And, our 30-day service guarantee ensures that you do not have to pay anything if your RO gives problems within 30 days of availing our services.

  • High-quality Services and Spare Parts: UrbanClap offers high-quality services to its customers, All our professionals are well-trained and experienced in the field. We also use branded spare parts for the RO repair service.

  • Trusted Professionals: At UrbanClap, we have a stringent selection process for registering service providers. Our professionals are well-trained and have ample amount of experience in the field. We also run background checks on them to ensure that our customers can trust them completely.

Rate Card

Type of ServiceCost of RO repair (INR)
RO Repair Service249/- (change in spare parts will cost extra)
Water Purifier Servicing299/- (change in spare parts will cost extra)
Installation of water purifier399/-
Uninstallation of Water Purifier300/-
Un- Installation and Installation of Water Purifier549/-
Water Purifier Servicing299/- (Extra Charges for Changing Spare Parts)
Visitation Charges249/- (if no services availed after inspection)

Rate Card for the Spare Parts of RO Machines

Spare PartsBrand Price (INR)UrbanClap Price (INR)
Sediment Filter500/-249/-
Pre Carbon Filter500/-249/-
Post Carbon Filter500/-249/-
RO Membrane2500/-999/-
Booster Pump2400/-1499/-

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