Best Home Deep Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

Best Home Deep Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

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Professional home Cleaning in Ahmedabad Near You

Get home cleaning services in Ahmedabad with a 30-Day Service Guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. We have Well Equipped and Trained Team, who carries out Deep House Cleaning and Sanitization with Non-Hazardous Chemicals. Living in unhygienic conditions can have an impact on your health. Therefore, it is important to keep your home clean and remove dust, germs, pests, clutter, etc. regularly. If you find it to be a challenging task then you can book professional home deep cleaning services from UrbanClap today.

Cleaning Experts

26 Home Cleaning Service Professionals in Ahmedabad

  • The Cleaning Company
    The Cleaning Company
    Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (768 ratings) 186 times rated 5 star
    • v


    • k

      They are not at all punctual in their time..they came 2 hrs late from the booking time which is damaging image of urban clap service...futher more they provide less no of workers so my cleaning work went very slow it couldnt completed in one day so that it get prolong for 2 or two person from the group are untrained they didnt even know which solution should be used...but i must say their cleaning work is very good ..they are not at all in hurry..especially .bathroom cleaning are too good..but puncuality and prpfessional skills are very poor

  • Sai Jernih Enterprise
    Sai Jernih Enterprise
    Narolgam, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (346 ratings) 166 times rated 5 star
    • h

      These guys were great! Thank you so much!

    • a

      Very courteous and efficient team! However the supervisor wasn't present and the team did not report damages and also threw personal property into trash. Was able to retrieve few items but not all :(

  • Sagar Real Solution Facility Service
    Sagar Real Solution Facility Service
    Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (325 ratings) Hired 48 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Good job done.very happy with the service.

    • a


  • JAS Microcleaning Solutions
    JAS Microcleaning Solutions
    Khokhra Mehmadabad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (300 ratings) 169 times rated 5 star
    • h

      Carpet cleaning was done well but 2 helper boys were brought together who were kind of learning and were also with un cleaned legs and one of them was quiet shabby and chewing tobacco.

    • v

      Cleaning was ok... Fitting were still unclear

  • Updater Services
    Updater Services
    Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (223 ratings) Hired 113 times on UrbanClap
    • n

      Deep cleaning could have been better. Attention to details was lacking.

    • s

      Jacky,Raju were great with the cleaning and disinfection. I would surely recommend their work to everyone ryone

  • Digital Maintenance Service
    Digital Maintenance Service
    (120 ratings) Hired 138 times on UrbanClap
    • r

      Awsome work done by Sunny..... Very happy with the work

    • k

      Excellent job done by Mr bharat and his partner.. Sofa looks like new one..

  • Vishnu Facility Services
    Vishnu Facility Services
    Nava Vadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (102 ratings)
    • m

      All over satisfied with service except some minor remarks on cleaning of corner area. Very cooperative and competent staff

    • r

      Overall good job done however professionals were late for the service and had to be supervised a lot as they were leaving some areas and spaces while cleaning. But a good job done and I recommend this to all

  • Indian Housemaid Service
    Indian Housemaid Service
    Ranip, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (27 ratings)
    • m

      Very hard working team but not professional or trained well. Did not have all required material and were slow in execution

    • b

      Quite pleased with work performed. Sharp on time arrival, extremely polite crew, accepted some special requests (clearing top of almirahs, cleaning and replacing items). Nice job of cleaning bathroom ventilators, ceiling fans and top of wooden cabinets. Excellent job of cleaning all windows including living room french windows. Totally professional job!

  • Hari Clean Care
    Hari Clean Care
    SP Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (11 ratings)
    • k

      Service is ok. The entire house was cleaned up in a day which is the good part. Dry balcony and balcony door were skipped / forgotten. After 3 pm, they seemed to be in a hurry to wind up, i had to remind them about things still left to be done. Tubelight clamp got broken and platform edge came apart. It will cost me about 700 bucks to replace the granite platform edge. The service vendor expects me not to complain about it. But why shouldnt I when urbanclap promises an insurance of 10000 for home cleaning service. Paying 200 for electricity repair and 700 for granite repair for a service job of 6000 is not a small amount. One of the switch boards also stopped working but luckily it turned out to be only a fuse issue. Also they forgot to consider the 50 bucks booking amount so I have to pay total 950 extra for getting my house cleaned in 6000 !!

    • d

      The overall experience was good. The staff supervisor was kind and polite. I didn't find them in professional attire as I saw in the advertisement. But the people were good. The work is satisfactory.

  • Indian Housemaid Services
    Indian Housemaid Services

Latest Customer Reviewsof Home Cleaning Service Professionals in Ahmedabad

    Fantastic services!! Dinesh's and his team did a really good job!


    Amazing work


    Lalit and team were very supportive. Their work was very neat and systematic. I am very satisfied with their service.


    Dharmesh, Deval and Pradeep did an excellent job. Worth every penny paid


    Very courteous staff.


    Full satisfactory work The professional did the work very nicely and it's worth the money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is deep cleaning important?

    This is an intensive cleaning process for all those critical spaces that we tend to overlook during our regular cleaning. The environment around us is responsible for a lot of pollution and germs inside our homes. Deep cleaning becomes extremely important to restore the hygiene of our living space by disinfecting and sanitizing the environment.

  • How often should I get my house deep cleaned?

    It is recommended to get a residential cleaning at least once in every 3-4 months. Although there are a lot of factors such as pets, children, living habits etc. that can affect this time constraint.

  • What specific things are kept in mind while cleaning the kitchen?

    The professionals will scrub the floors, shelves and tiles to remove hard stains like grease. They also clean the chimney exteriors, exhaust fans, kitchen cabinets and exteriors of certain appliances. However, kitchen cleaning does not include washing utensils.

  • What is the process of cleaning a sofa set or a mattress?

    Cleaning of sofa or mattress includes dry vacuuming, shampooing and wet vacuuming. First, dry vacuuming is done to remove the dust. Shampooing of the sofa or mattress is done using a professional grade cleansing solution and hand brushes. Wet vacuuming is done in the end to remove the dirty water. For leather sofas, special polishing takes place. Please note: Cleaning of sofa and mattress is a separate service that can't be availed under the cost of full home deep cleaning service.

  • What happens if my property is damaged by the hired professional?

    In the rare case of damage, we do provide insurance up to Rs. 10,000 against damages.

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All About Home Deep Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning in Ahmedabad

A home is a structure that gives its inhabitants protection from the outside world and offers them a chance to relax and unwind in a safe environment. This is why keeping it clean and tidy is of utmost importance. When you are inside your home, you let down your guard and prepare to recharge your batteries for the next day to go out into the world. However, if your house is not adequately cleaned, it can make you more prone to falling sick. Living in unhygienic conditions can also have an impact on your mental health. Therefore, it is important to keep your home clean and remove dust, germs, pests, clutter, etc. regularly. If you find it to be a challenging task then you can go for professional cleaning services.

Do You Need to Hire Professional Cleaning Services?

Well, this is one of the questions many people wonder about and it is normal to think this way if you have never hired someone for home cleaning services. However, once you hire them then you will never want to go back to your old ways again. Here are 3 reasons why you need to hire professional cleaning services:

  • For Your Peace of Mind: You already know what stress can do to your health and mind. And if you are like most people who already have their plate full with work commitments, family duties and social obligations then household chores are only going to increase your stress levels. Therefore, for your peace of mind, you must consider hiring professional home deep cleaning services.

  • To Maintain Hygiene: Routine cleaning that most people do on a daily basis, despite their busy schedule, is not enough to keep a house clean. They need to spend a few hours or days, depending on the size of the house, every few weeks to deal with hidden nooks and crannies and also deep clean the house. This may not even be possible for most people because of lack of time or resources like special cleaning product. So, even if you clean your home regularly, it is better to hire professionals for monthly or bi-monthly deep cleaning.

  • To Save Your Invaluable Time: Time is a precious commodity and unless you love cleaning your house, we recommend that you save your time and delegate the task to professionals. They will not only help free up your time, to give you much-needed relief, but also do a better job since they are trained in carrying out the tasks and have professional-grade cleaning equipment.

When Should You Book A Full Home Deep Cleaning Service?

  • Before moving into a house

  • After a renovation

  • Before or after a party or wedding

  • Whenever you feel the need for home deep cleaning

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified Service Providers: UrbanClap offers you a chance to hire well-trained and experienced service providers. To make sure that our customers can trust the professionals hired from UrbanClap, we run multiple background checks and verifications before registering the professionals with us. We also have a customer feedback section on our website and mobile app where our customers leave feedback about the service providers. Their feedback helps keep only the best performing service providers registered with us and also helps our new customers find trustworthy professionals to hire.

  • Protection Against Damage: An accidental damage to the property or furniture may occur during any home cleaning job including the home deep cleaning service. To protect our customers, we offer an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 against damage. This helps our customers avail our cleaning services without any worries since they can stay assured that they will not have to incur any monetary loss in the case of accidental damage during the service.

  • Assured Customer Satisfaction: UrbanClap is one of the top service marketplaces in India and we take great pride in keeping our customers happy. We only register the best service providers who are well-trained and have sufficient experience in the field. This helps our service providers offer high-quality services to our customers. We take great pride in the levels of customer satisfaction we have maintained over the years.

What Does Our Professional Home Deep Cleaning Include?

  • Living Room, Dining Room & Bedroom Cleaning: Deep cleaning of the floor, windows, furniture, and light fixtures

  • Sofa and Carpet Cleaning: Dry vacuuming, shampooing followed by wet vacuuming of the sofa, carpets and curtains

  • Balcony Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning of the floor, grill work and windows

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning of external surfaces, cabinets and appliance exteriors, and removal of grease and oil stains from all surfaces

  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning of the floor, toilet seat, sink, fittings and walls

  • Miscellaneous: Cleaning of the doors, door handles, cupboards, handles, wardrobe exteriors, fans, lights, windows, railings, cabinets, and switchboards

What are the Equipment And Chemicals Used by UrbanClap Professional Cleaners?

Equipment used by UrbanClap professionals for home deep cleaning services include:

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Steaming machine

  • Scotch Brite scrubber

  • Small wipers

  • Bucket

  • Mugs

  • Mops

  • Toilet brush

  • Disposable bags

  • Hard cloth duster

  • Microfiber duster

  • Soft broom

  • Professional grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants by Diversey

Cost of Home Deep Cleaning Services In Ahmedabad

Full Home Deep CleaningFull Home Deep Clean & Sofa Set Shampoo
1 BHK4499/-4999/-
2 BHK5999/-6499/-
3 BHK6999/-7499/-
4 BHK7999/-8499/-
5 BHK8999/-9499/-
Villa 2000-3000 sq. ft.11999/-----
Villa 3000-4000 sq. ft.15999-----
Villa 4000-5000 sq. ft.20999/-----
Villa 5000-6000 sq. ft.24999/-----
Villa 6000-7000 sq. ft.29999/-----

What Other Services Does UrbanClap Offer?

UrbanClap offers other home cleaning and repair services to its customers in Ahmedabad in addition to home deep cleaning and other services including:

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