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Best Fitness Trainers in Ahmedabad
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The most food-o-holic city in India with no doubts, is Ahmedabad. UrbanClap motivates you with the service of the best fitness trainers in Ahmedabad. Oh! This is like that magical elixir wanted by everyone. UrbanClap offers you the best fitness services in Ahmedabad which act as your health monitor to keep it all under check. Since we have the most experienced workout trainers in Ahmedabad and the best gym trainers in Ahmedabad with us, we assure you the best. You got a friend, an ally and the best gym trainer in Ahmedabad, all at UrbanClap! ...


217 Fitness Trainers At Home in Ahmedabad

  • Chirag Patel
    Chirag Patel
    Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (18 ratings)
    • r

      Best trainer and Dietitian, knows everything about the gym exercise as well as PT.

    • d

      Best service... or best service ever... or best experience...

  • Anoopsingh Thakur
    Anoopsingh Thakur
    Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (17 ratings)
    • p

      Anoop is a hard working and dedicated trainer.

    • j

      Experienced, dedicated and result oriented. Helped me achieve targets which I wasn't sure I was capable of. Highly recommended.

  • Bhargav Thanki
    Bhargav Thanki
    Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (16 ratings)
    • s

      I have been taking gym training from him for about a month now for body weight. He is a very respectful person. He always motivates his customers. I do circuit training using body weight, and he helped me in that. I used to go to the gym on a regular basis for 1 hour daily. He has good knowledge of fitness and nutrition and he is very dedicated towards his work. he is a very good person and he trains well. He works on the whole body. He has also given me a diet plan to follow for better results. His prices are fare. I will recommend him to others.

    • b

      He gives me personal fitness training and trains me like a family. He always gives his proper attention to his client's. He trains me in my club's gym, in Ahmedabad. My primary motive to hire him is for weight loss. He teaches me regularly for 1-1.5 hours, depends on how much time a person needs in a day. He is very friendly and helpful. He more often makes me do cardio, treadmill, cycling, CrossFit and much more exercises. Always comes up with different activities daily. He also suggests me for a proper diet. I will surely recommend him to other people.

  • Pragnesh Vyas
    Pragnesh Vyas
    Madhur Hall, 100 Feet Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (14 ratings)
    • v

      It's a good fitness center with good trainers.

    • d

      He works very hard for his gym members..And every body getting best results..

  • Akash Sonawane
    Akash Sonawane
    Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (13 ratings)
    • y

      After hiring Akash I went from being 92kgs to 77kgs in four months. At that time, I used to train at Magnum gym located in New CG Road, Ahemdabad. lost a whopping 19 kgs in a very short span of time by following his diet plans. This experience was very rewarding. I used to have one day of cardio and one day of weight lifting exercises. The day I started working out with Akash, I told him that I did not just want to lose weight but wanted to gain some muscle too. So, he customized my work out sessions accordingly. He focused on muscle gaining while making sure that I lost weight as well. My Cardio used to go on for 1-1.5 hours and muscle gain exercises took 45 minutes. He was flexible with timings, stayed back till my session did not end. Even gave me extra time, if need be. The First month cost me 9000 bucks and after that it cost me Rs 8500 for 24 sessions per month i.e, six days a week. He is very frank, well-spoken and punctual. Seeing my progress, it wouldn�t be wrong to say that he is knowledgeable in his field. I totally recommend him as a fitness trainer.

    • s

      Akash has been training me in Red fitness Gym- Chankhera, for a while now. He has helped me get in shape and maintain a proper diet. My experience with him has been great. I have lost 8-10 kgs in 3-4 weeks. After taking correct diet and excercises. I am perfectly happy with the results. His nature is very nice and is very punctual as well. Sometimes I get late for the training but he is on time, always. He is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. I was supposed to pay him 8000 Rs but because of the outstanding results I paid him extra Rs 500.

  • Expending fitness
    Expending fitness
    Narayan Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (13 ratings)
    • a

      He really puts in the efforts required...nd u also kinda get inspired to work harder

    • a

      Good job and hardworking and motivated clint

  • Jay patel
    Jay patel
    Nava Vadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (12 ratings)
    • p

      He is the Best trainer The only thing in my life is to get a good body, body in good shape.The trainers are well qualified, they know what your body need, Fat or Flam, they Guide you all the way to reduce your FLAM body Or to Gain weight.

    • r

      Good trainer. Helped me loose 3.5 kgs in a month without diet.

  • Jasmin Khatri
    Jasmin Khatri
    Nava Vadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (11 ratings)
    • a

      He is the best trainer guide properly in exercise and stand beside you when you do exercise

    • p

      Excellent Trainer!!!! Gives his best trainimg to each individual and helps them tone their phyiscat its best..:-)

  • Vishal K Sabnis
    Vishal K Sabnis
    Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (11 ratings)
    • n

      Vishal Sabnis is a talented, dedicated and excellent Trainer and Aerobic Instructor.

    • n

      Vishal Sabnis is a tellented, dadicated and excellent trainer and aerobic instructor. enjoy a lot his batches.

  • Fitrus
    Juhapura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    (11 ratings)
    • a

      We saw amazing results in a reasonably short time. He knows his trade and motivates you to do youe best!!

    • k

      it's all about good training and good food. Every second of training is worth with him. He Knows what he is doing. Science and strength combined in one.

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Fitness Trainer at Home in Ahmedabad

The generation nowadays has become aware of the health benefits and has started taking their fitness seriously. But are we going towards the right direction? Or are we among those who consider ‘thin’ is ‘fit’? The trending ‘zero figure’ dreams have dragged many girls towards blind dieting and weak muscles. The same happens with a male as well! They lift deadly weights to gain biceps and triceps and keep their protein intake high to gain bulges. But bulky does not every time means healthy. One’s focus should be on becoming healthy and not just thin or muscular. And this is the reason why we should put our trust on experts when it comes to making decisions about our health. Fitness trainers play a vital role in shaping our lives healthier than just thin and muscular. Physical training demands supervision that is above par and UrbanClap offers precisely what you search for. There are numerous gyms and physical training centres available in Ahmedabad, but when you choose at-home personal training, it comes with its own perks. Let healthy lifestyle become a prime focus in your life and live it longer, stronger and happier. After all, health is the real wealth, isn’t it!

Benefits of Fitness Training

There are numerous benefits of physical exercise. Starting from the physical health to mental health physical exercise plays a vital role. A few minutes of regular physical training at home can give you immense happiness and improved health. Let us now have a keen look towards what fitness at home brings along.

  • Improved mental health: With ageing, our brains become hazy and demands some rejuvenation. Regular exercise has proven benefits on overall bain performances. Various studies on rats and men have shown that cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells and increase overall brain performance. Your 30 minutes of home workout can make your brain powerful and active. There are benefits of tough fitness training as well. It is believed that people who follow an aggressive workout pattern excel in decision making, creativity and thinking capacity. The mental health keeps on improving when you opt for a daily exercise regime. Surprised with the first benefit of fitness already? We have a list full of it. Keep reading.

  • The best stress buster: Having a tough time at the office? Or personal life has few tensions? Make simple physical training your routine and say goodbye to stress forever. The fast-forward life has its perks and drawbacks both, and stress in one of those drawbacks which affects humans the most. One of the most common mental health benefits of working out is stress relief. Working up a sweat helps to manage the physical and mental stress. Exercise also improves concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that moderates the brain’s response to stress. Working out reduces stress and boost the body’s ability to deal with existing mental pressures and stress.

  • Exercise can make you feel Happy: Running a few miles on the treadmill seems challenging at times, but when you come across the advantages it has to offer, you will definitely run a little more the next time you get on. Exercise liberates the chemical endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Studies have proven that exercise can even alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed. For the same reason, doctors promote physical training for the depressed patients. In some instances, exercise can be as effective as antidepressants. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly the gym freak type — getting a playful nudge from exercising for only 30 minutes a few times a week can instantly boost overall mood.

  • Proven memory sharpener: Hippocampus are responsible for what we memorise and working out on a regular basis increases the production of cells in the hippocampus. With age, the cells weaken and we find it difficult to remember things as we used to. The recalling power depends on the production of the new cells and exercise does that for us. The working actively works for both kids and adults. Many of our relatives or close ones have Alzheimer disease; exercising regularly decreases the risk of early age memory loss cases and so on. So, it is better not to forget the workout routines and have a sharper memory in old age!

  • Helpful to the addicts: The pleasure we get in doing what we crave the most, i.e. food, drugs, alcohol or sex create a reward chemical called dopamine. Lately, it has been seen in many people that any or many of such pleasurable things become their addiction and they often become slaves of their habits. Exercise is a proven addiction reduction element. A small session of workout effectively distracts drug or alcohol addicts, making them de-prioritize the cravings. Thus regular sweating becomes a tool to stay away from the unnecessary addictions as well. Try it out with a personal trainer at home and start feeling the difference.

  • Have a good night sleep: Working your sweat out into a set exercise regime helps you get a good night sleep. If you’re facing insomnia and find it difficult to sleep at night; try a rigorous physical training routine. A study by Oregon State University have proven facts over how people sleep significantly better and feel more alert if they have at least 150 minutes of simple to vigorous fitness activities a week. I think one should start their prescription for physical training as soon as they can and ditch those sleeping pills sooner.

  • Improved sex life: A problem of lacking interest in sexual activities is often found in adults. There are many reasons to it, but lack of stamina and tiredness being the main reason of decreasing interest in intimacy; physical training has a pivotal role to play here. Regular physical activity may enhance arousal for women. And men who regularly workout are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than are men who don't exercise. The more fit you are, the more interested you stay in the sex life. Physical training helps to ignite the sexual urge into people than those who do not follow a regular exercise routine.

  • Helps you manage weight: The most common advantage for which most people opt for physical training is managing their weights. For women, being in a proper shape without excessive fats in their body is the main desire. And, if we talk about men; they also crave for a perfect muscular body without bulges all over. This reason throws most men and women to follow an excessive work out routine! A proper guidance on diet and weight loss training is the key to maintain the shape of your body. A certified and experienced physical trainer helps you do this thing.

  • Boosts self-confidence: The way you carry yourself says a lot about you. If you’re happy from inside and feel that you’re looking beautiful, you carry a confidence. Working out on a regular basis helps you get rid of stress and improves your mental health. Not only this; exercise also helps in maintaining a good shape of your body, and this is how you feel motivated. Exercise makes you confidant and helps you look at the world with new fearless vision.

  • These are the few amazing benefits of physical training. Feeling all pumped up to start your workout regime right away, don’t you? Such fitness routines require expert supervision and inputs. Desired results are only seen when someone experiences in training you. There are gyms who let you visit their premises and sweat out under a gym instructor guidance, and then there are personal trainers who focus just on you, at your preferred time and space.

Gym Trainer vs. Personal Trainer

Now that the enormous benefits of physical training and exercise have been revealed let us have a keen look towards what benefits a personal trainer provides and some huge differences between a gym instructor and a personal fitness trainer.

What is a Gym Trainer?

Usually, the person who guides you when you enrol as a gym member and sets your exercise routine is your gym trainers or instructors. Mostly, gyms hire few instructors and allot different shifts to them. They guide the gym members for fitness training, weight control measures, diet regimes, weightlifting and entertain all the other queries you may have. Gym trainers usually focus on the mass. They are bound to give equal attention to all the members present in their respective shifts. In simple terms, gym trainers are those multi-taskers in the gym who provides all the fitness guidelines as well as advice to whoever seeks their help. He is the single person considered as all the members’ personal trainer.

What is a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are not only those fitness experts who help people maintain their desired body structure but also those who ensure your holistic health growth. Holistic growth is defined as fitness that is inside-out. Creating healthy body and mind in what a personal trainer does. Here’s how, Personal trainers charge for the expertise they have. They possess certified knowledge of fitness, exercise, health training and diets. They cater one-on-one assistance when you hire them and focus only on you. Unlike gym trainers, they do not have many people to attend and the entire time is allotted to you. Furthermore, personal trainers thoroughly examine your body needs and accordingly train you for desired results. Such fitness trainers are called the personal trainers in real terms. Their sole purpose and pay depend on your desired transformation.

Gym trainers vs. Personal trainers. Whom should you pick?

For more focused results and requisites, one needs one-on-one attention. People who are shy to disclose the problems and needs in front of other people should undoubtedly opt for a personal fitness trainer. Gym instructors guide and focus upon a mass and not on an individual. Their schedules are pre-decided and can’t be changed as per the client’s needs. On the other hand, a personal trainer’s full attention stays only to improve your mental and physical health and thus the fitness regime is always personalized. The timings are flexible when you hire a personal trainer whereas, in the gym you, have to manage your schedules according to gym’s norms. Your targeted focus on some parts of the body can’t be necessarily fulfilled when you’re going to gym, but when you’re training with a personal trainer, your routines set as it complies to you. The type of training you want to choose can only be fulfilled with personal training sessions. If you find visible difference through Zumba sessions or yoga sessions or rigorous workouts, then you need to plan to hire a personal trainer only. Gym sessions have everything on their plate and nothing classified.

Things to consider before hiring a personal fitness trainer:

  • Ability to identify the need: A personal trainer should be able to determine what the trainee is looking for and how to achieve the targeted results. What the reasons and sources are which are preventing the client from what he/she wishes for and what steps need to be taken to guide him/her towards the results. Whether the client needs a weight loss training or he/she just needs to tone the body, whether the full body transformation is required or only a few parts of the body and where the client needs the most guidance. Such affairs need to be taken care by none but the fitness trainer himself. You should take care of the questions he/she asks and whether the trainer can identify and answer your questions regarding your physical training.

  • Experience: Personal trainers are generally hired on referrals. Usually, we hire someone who has been training our friends or family. But this shouldn’t be the case. Fitness is a thing which demands more focus and knowledge. Every human being differs from one another, and so does their physique. A fitness trainer who did wonders for a friend's body might not do the same to yours. We should always go for the physical trainers who have specific experience on different kinds of body transformations and proven results. Rather than just blindly trusting a friend, we should try if the trainer can answer our queries or not.

  • The comfort level: There are people who are uncomfortable in discussing their physical issues and needs to a fitness trainer who is of opposite gender. The principal advantage of hiring a personal trainer is to share the comfortable bonding when it comes to needs and questions. Female clients can open up with female trainers, and the same goes for the male clients. It is imperative to open up regarding the body issues, queries, problems faced during exercise, body needs and many such things. Sharing a comfort level means a lot when it comes to at-home personal training.

  • Communication and feedbacks: Communication is the key when you avail any services. Exercising depends majorly on what the trainer instructs and how well the client performs. There should always be transparent talks between the fitness trainer and the client. The trainer should only commit his/her client can achieve and not something which is unattainable. Similarly, the client should also push himself/herself up to a level where they’re ready and not to the degree which is beyond their control. Timely feedbacks in both instructions given and followed both play vital roles.

  • Cost: Hiring a personal fitness trainer and taking regular sessions maintain momentum. Fitness at home has their own benefits as scheduling the sessions according to the requirement, comfort and availability. Different personal trainers cost differently depending on the experience and sessions per week. Cost is an essential factor, but the real deal should be values obtained instead of the money involved.

  • There is a vast difference between what you get out of an ordinary gym routine and how much more you can gain from personal fitness trainers. So, it is extremely important to hire a personal trainer in Ahmadabad.

There are body transformation seekers who need a complete turn-around in their physique, and then there are people who just wish for a targeted weight loss or body shaping. Distinct body needs demands different expertise in physical training. There are dieticians, yoga instructors, Zumba instructors, muscle builders, regular fitness trainers and many more. You need to identify your area first to hire a personal trainer.

  • Scopes of finding the suitable personal trainer: It is our solemn duty to identify the need and results that we desire for our body. We understand our body the best, and we only know our limits. Whether we will able to undergo a tough, physical training or not and if we can actually follow a strict diet or not, entirely depends on us. Thus understanding the scope of a personal trainer is first and foremost.

  • Alternatives: There are many alternatives from which can choose a personal trainer. Often the best way to find a personal trainer is the recommendation of someone you know. Or to take help from the gym instructors as well. If not by these platforms, another reliable online options is URBAN CLAP. It gives the flexibility to fit around your routine. Searching online can also help to compare more than one fitness trainers at a time.

  • Budget: Sharing a trainer between friends reduces the cost but also demolishes the main advantage of personal training, namely one-on-one attention. Even when you share a trainer, time of the session must be set considering everyone’s schedule which leads to fixing timings. Sometimes the area of focus and desired results both differ from one friend to another. For instance, one might seek weight loss and the other desire weight gain; here the whole scenario changes according to the client needs. So, it is essential to consider money before hiring a personal trainer, but the values, the desired results, and the needs should not be affected.

  • Scrutinize personal trainer in your area meeting your requirements: The most significant part of hiring a personal trainer is building a rapport and comfort with him/her. Secondly, the results you desire and the time frame you choose. Thirdly, the way for training you want to go for. The light one, rigorous one or the yoga way. Options are many, and you just have to scrutinize which best suits your time, money and type.

  • Monitoring progress: Chosen fitness trainer must be first interviewed, wages are discussed, and a background check should be done before hiring him/her. It is also very important to observe the progress of your body by the sessions every now and then. Review and progress of the desired goal should be taken and swap with another trainer if necessary.

If you are in urgent need of a personal trainer, new in the city, want to compare many trainers in a short span of time and still need a trustworthy private fitness trainer that satisfy all the requirements, then URBAN CLAP is the site where you can find the best personal trainers in Ahmadabad.

An excellent personal fitness trainer must be able to place himself in the place of those who find achieving body goals hard. It often happens that we buy or hire due to the recommendation of someone we know, but not in the case of fitness trainers because if a trainer has worked wonders with a friend’s offspring does not mean they will be able to do the same for yours. Thus, when you have multiple options for choosing a physical trainer from various sites as well as offline, then it is beneficial to weigh pros of hiring a personal trainer from UrbanClap with each of them.

  • First step: There are multiple ways by which you can reach us. Either you can visit our website, i.e. or you can download our mobile application named UrbanClap from Google play as well as the app store.

  • Second step: After entering your city you can search for ‘personal fitness trainer’ or ‘fitness at home’ in the search bar and select the option according to your need. We will help you find the best fitness trainers near you.

  • Third step: A pop-up box asking you some questions will appear which will shortlist personal trainer according to your needs, areas of focus, suitable time, and type of workout you prefer. Also, you can choose a date and time for a trial session according to your schedule with selecting your approximate budget per session.

  • Fourth step: If you’re having any special requirements like language reference, the background of the fitness trainer or even experience of the trainer then you can mention it in the box.

  • Fifth step: You can then enter your personal details and share your address or let GPS locate it so that our experts can reach to you.

  • As simple as that, you’re done with the entire personal fitness trainer selection process. A good fitness trainer inspires, pushes limitations and motivates the targeted physique goals. Select a personal fitness trainer from UrbanClap and explore the world of possibilities at your doorstep!

  • UrbanClap is one of the most trustworthy companies in India, and the satisfaction of customers is of paramount interest.

  • UrbanClap has a vast network including professionals in all the major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai.

  • UrbanClap dispatches certified personal trainers directly to you. You don’t need to drive anywhere.

  • Before associating a fitness expert, a detailed background check is done by UrbanClap whether they are qualified enough and valid for recruiting.

  • Only experienced fitness trainers are hired, and full responsibilities are taken for providing the services.

  • UrbanClap ensures that you get help in those areas that need the most attention at affordable rates.

  • All the possible details are provided for the fitness trainer near you.

  • UrbanClap makes sure that you get an individualized program and not a predetermined one.

  • UrbanClap provides superior Quality, and there are often attractive deals and packages.

A gym instructor has to cater his guidelines to a group of people from varying backgrounds, desired results, areas of focus, and body needs. The fitness trainers associated with UrbanClap do phenomenally well at their jobs and take care that you are catered to your needs. UrbanClap provides a variety of experienced physical trainers and here are the steps for choosing a right personal trainer for yourself:

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